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 “I have a dream”........... you know this song that ABBA sings?? Or have you seen the movie MAMA MIA? I’m sure that each of us has a dream! We often dream of things that we do not have, or things that we would like to do! ...and we feel great when our dreams come true!

My desk is mobile this month, so I m writing this update from the UK, where we are on tour – ‘CEO and Friends’! This tour is about sharing with people our dreams that came true; our dreams that became real!!!

Roxana, Florica S and Florica G are sharing with people their own dreams that are reality and dreams that they are praying to become real!! In Roxana’s case, she dreamt of going to Disney to see Mickey Mouse and guess what? That dream came real 3 times already! Now she is dreaming of going to see the wonderful country of India! I'm sure that one day that dream will come true as well!

Florica S and Florica G are dreaming of having a nice house with running water and a toilet in it! Dreaming of having jobs after they finish school! Lots of dreams!!

And me?? Well, I have many many dreams! Some are still on the “waiting list!” ....One of the dreams that is getting closer to reality is about the ‘WEDDING DRESS SHOP’ that I would like to open in Romania! Since I was little girl I dream of that! Many times when I was sad and feeling blue I was drawing wedding dresses......even if all looked like the Cinderella one! I have every single wedding dress magazine that is on the Romanian market or UK – when I’m here!

In the last 3 years I have already received around 30 wedding dresses. Now I have a place, a shop where I can put them all for display. All the money that is coming from the sales- or rent of the dresses is going to the work of The Smiles Foundation in Romania. But before I can open the shop I need to have a minimum of 50 wedding dresses, in order for me to give to the girls/ladies the opportunity to have from what to choose. So if you have a wedding dress and you do now know what to do with it, please send it to Romania..... you can put it in a bag and send it to Leeds office, and at the end of March we have a van that is going to Romania and the wedding dresses can be on it! If you see a wedding dress that is on a sale, and you want to get it - feel free to do so! I accept everything! :)

Also the party dresses, ball gowns are part of the shop! I want to give to the Romanian ladies the opportunity to have nice things at a small price but at the same time to raise money for Smiles! If you can be a part of it, feel free to send me an e-mail and we can chat more!!!

But what about my work in Smiles RO??  What is going on there on my desk??

Well January started a quiet month - for part of it! We had the Romanian Staff Conference and for a day we got all the staff members together! It’s the only time during a year when they have that opportunity and when they share their stories! It is a privilege for me to have them around and without them I could not do the job I’m doing in Romania! Even if I was a part of it from the beginning, every year I’m learning something new from my colleagues! So THANK YOU to all of my colleagues that put up with me every day.

After that event, I had lots and lots of meetings with our architect about the Joint Facility of Love project. With Graham Wallace and Dave Clark’s work the drawings are coming together and it will look amazing! If you want to find more about it please follow this link!

Just before I got ready to leave for the UK for the ‘CEO- and Friends’ Tour, I had another great thing going on!! We had a container already converted to a house, sent by the people in Montrose, Scotland. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of them that made this dream possible! One of our supported family’s will benefit from this amazing house! Eva and her 3 little girls were living on the streets of Oradea 2 years ago! Smiles people took her and moved her to the Emergency Housing Centre. Her dream is to have her own place, her own house and it is amazing to see it become reality! We are waiting now to get the best location in order to locate the container and move Eva and her family there.

On January 28, me and the 3 girls from the Tileagd School Choir, Florica S, Florica G, and Roxi got ready to go to UK in order to have a new experience. For one week we are sharing our story from a different prospective to new people all over the UK .....yes new places, new people.....even if we thought that we know everybody in UK !!

But you might wonder where is Cornel????? Cornel is experiencing one week in an English high school!! We are very very happy for him!!! He will be learning new things and we can’t wait to see him again and hear all the stories! Thank you Rob and Margaret for taking this “new challenge on”!!

....and my story can continue on and on!! The great thing is that yes, our dreams can come true with God’s help! He is the one that makes all things possible even when we think that all is lost!! One of my favourite songs this tour is the song from Don Moen, God will make a way!! I will leave this song with you this month and I pray for all your dreams to come true with God’s help and blessing!
Link to Don Moen - God Will Make a Way


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