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Surprise Surprise….

There used to be a show in Romania, in 1999, that was called like that. Every Saturday, from 8 to 10 pm, for nearly 9 years lots of good things happened during the show! Families that have not seen their dear ones for years, finally got to see them that wished for a toy or just a simple hug.....lots of good things going on and on each week....Many times while I was watching the show I was wondering “will I ever be able to do something similar?!?!”.

Well today, through the work of The Smiles Foundation in Romania, I do this type of work! And I love it!

Every single month I have “ a new surprise” on my desk. Some good ones, some bad ones. Some that make me to think twice: ”how will I make this one work?” some that in a few minutes I found the solution to it.  

I love the Bible verse, in Mathew 6, that says: “do not worry about anything...”, and  yet many times we, as humans worry sooooo much!! We forget that God promised us that He will take care of ALL our needs!!....He told us to Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”. Yes, we are!!! We just need to have more faith!!

So what was new this past month?? The 25 days (since my last update) passed fast, true?? My new adventure with the ‘Wedding Dress’ shop is taking part of my time in thinking and planning. I have been at the shop most Saturdays and I love it!! It’s so nice to see girls, coming in and sharing with me their dream! I’m sooo thankful that I have good help on the shop side (when I’m not around). Georgi and her mum are my shop assistants and I’m very thankful to have them. Vicky and Octo are also there all the time, on their side of the shop and from time to time on mine J and I’m thankful to have them as well!!

Then I also had a lot of work to do with the Glasshouse and the preparation for it! With God’s help soon this project will be on the go practically as well, not only theoretically.  Mr Hoy was in the country during March and we had lots of meetings and discussions about it.

Once Mr. Hoy left the country we- the Smiles team in Cihei had two options: go on holiday or find some work to do J!!! But we decided that the weather is not that good for holiday and instead we wanted to do some “team building” work. And what is best place to do that????? Well, our WAREHOUSE!!!! We did an amazing job! …….and the pizza at the end was great!!! THANK YOU guys for all your hard work. Is great to have a team like you full of fun and joy to work with.

Once I finished the cleaning of the warehouse J  I had to get ready to go to the UK for the Smiles Annual Conference! So for the last few days in March I was in UK. On March 26th we had the conference in Leeds! Together with Adi and Georgi we shared the latest news from Romania. We had a great time with all the people that came. I’m always surprised and shocked (in a nice way) of the commitment that people have for the work of The Smiles Foundation in Romania.

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to ALL the people that was present at the conference. THANK YOU for EVERYTHING that you are doing for US! THANK YOU for being a part of such a big family. It’s really wonderful.

So another month has gone, March. Thank you Lord for it!

I pray that April will be a great blessed month for you. In April, in Romania we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Easter Day! I pray that He is alive in our hearts all the time, not only one day in a year. I remember a few years ago, when I wrote an e-mail to wish Happy Easter to all our sponsors I did a big mistake! Instead of “Christ’s resurrection” I wrote “Christ’s resignation” . The next day I received an e-mail from one of our supporters asking me: “Maria, I did not know that God resigned??”…Well, I’m glad that it was a mistake and God did not resign!! What would come of this World if He had?   Very Sad!

But let’s CELEBRATE his resurrection today, tomorrow and always!!

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For April 24th.

Please continue to pray for our work in Romania. Pray for me and my team as we have during April more than 60 people coming to visit us on mission trips! Please pray for our beneficiaries and please pray for our supporters! Without your prayers we can’t do the work we do!! Please continue to support us financially! We need that too! And if you have a week off, please come to Romania to see us!! We are waiting for you all!!!

Lots of love,


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