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Report from Georgi Opreanu, Director of Elderly Care

When Trust is Broken

This month I asked Rebeca Mariscas, our social worker at ĎDorisí Elderly Care Centre in Salonta, to share some thoughts with you.

Trust - Is a powerful word. We all need someone to trust. Someone to share with. Someone who can understand us. Someone who will stay by our side no matter what happens. Trust is not something that can be easily gained. But when someone who has gained your trust fails, the pain that comes to your broken heart that was disappointed...is hard to describe.

Why did I start with this? Because the words of lady Ileana are still echoing in my mind: "You canít trust anyone these days. All of them changed. Once they were good and nice, then they change. I see my grandchildren fighting for their part of the money. Some of them are dissatisfied that the others have more inheritance. In all this, I am not important."

There was so much sorrow in her eyes when she said these words. I realised that her trust was broken. She said to me that she is scared to trust anyone. She waits for me to talk and help solve things for her. She is so desperate to find people that deserve her trust. People who will not disappoint her anymore. We want to be those kind of people for her and we will fight to gain her trust. Because trust is important.

Ileana 93 years of age. She is a Hungarian widow who lives in Salonta. She has only her grandchildren. One of them lives near to her house. He used to be a nice man who cared for her. Everything changed after he started to drink. She started to be afraid of him and that was confirmed by the postman. This grandson was the one who contacted us. He realised that his grandmother canít live alone anymore, that she needs care. Also, he said that he canít support her financially and he is not in a good relationship with the other grandchildren because of financial issues. Ileanaís pension is around £70/$105 a month. Money that is hardly enough for food so she couldnít afford to pay for a carer at home.

She came to the centre just before Christmas last year. Since then, her grandchildren visited her occasionally. But she says she feels lonely. One thing that surprised us was that even if she is often in a depressed mood, she still has some will to fight. She wanted to do exercises with our physiotherapist. She wants to walk alone. She still has some hope. She still tries to give some trust hoping that it will be better this time.

We need wisdom to be a good shelter for her in these hard times. To encourage her to put her trust in the One who will never disappoint her, as Solomon said: "So that your trust may be in the LORD, I teach you today, even you." Proverbs 22:19.

We are grateful to God that we are able to care for the needs of lady Ileana, to serve her and show the love of God, to give her hope and bring a smile to her wrinkled face. We are trying our best to do all this, but maybe you wonder how you can help...well there are many ways. At the moment we need your prayers, for staff to know how to rebuild her trust in others and to be able to give her all the care she needs, including 3 times a week physiotherapy, for which we need to find sponsors. We need £200 a month in addition to what she can afford to pay to cover her care. I know this is a lotÖbut every contribution helps. She already made progress and if you plan a visit this year you could see her, if you didnít plan one yet... it is just the beginning of the year so there is still time! See you soon.

With great appreciation from ĎDorisí Elderly Care Home,

Rebeca & Georgi

Georgi Opreanu
eputy Director
of Smiles Romania


Elderly Centre Oradea (ECO)
Joint Facility of Love, Salonta;
Doris Elderly Care Centre

 Prayer points:

  • For lady Ileana and her family,
  • For God to prepare the new residents that will come in the centres and experience the love of God through the care we provide;
  • For the new residents to adapt in the centres;
  • For the future accreditation for "Doris Centre", Salonta.
  • For God's protection upon all of Smiles staff and beneficiaries;
  • For sponsors for the social cases that we care for
  • For all Smiles staff to be a testimony of Godís love so others will get to know HIM.

Please pray for us because when you pray God hears more than what you say, answers more that we ask, gives more than we can imagine in His own time and in His own way.


Wish list Ė urgent need for:

  • Pampers Ė just size M and L (Pamper pantyhose)

  • Wipes

  • Gloves

  • Toilet rolls

  • Kitchen rolls

  • Powder detergent

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Dressing, bandages (in date)



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