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A Letter from Maria's Desk...

"Hold onÖÖ..Help is on the way!!!"

Last month I left you with a song from Michael W Smith - Help is on the way!!! Well I did not realise that for the coming month this song will still be my HYMNÖ But as the song says:

"ÖÖÖTimes are hard but God is so good
He's never failed you, and He said He never would
He sees your tears
He fights your fears
Hold on, help is on the way
He said he'd never leave you or forsake you
Stay strong
Help is on the way
He'd said he'd help you
Just reach out and take his hand


SO Iím sure He sees my tears, He sees my fears, He will not leave me or forsake me !!! I do not know about you, but I had a hard October month, and these words are encouraging me to know that IíM NOT ALONE!!! God is near me and HE HOLDS ME in His hands!!

How was it?? How was my month?? Well let me tell you in some detail!

It started with the state inspection for Joint Facility of Love I was very nervous about that but yet again I saw Godís Hand at work!!! They came in, inspected the place, did not say much initially but in the end they concluded, "the place looks WOW!!! ". I was over the moon! From that moment we had a few other papers to do - because we live in Romania - and everything started to get into FINAL SHAPE!

So with Godís grace and mercy we managed to have the place opened OFFICIALLY on October 27th!! An amazing day! Sunny outside and inside of our hearts that another project was completed! God is AMAZING and His faithfulness to us is beyond my understanding!! Even if lots of people discourage us, lots of problems were feeling never ending, so Iím amazed to see the JFL Project ĎPart Oneí was possible and 27th October will be a memorable day in Smiles History. It was great to share this joy with friends all over the world!! Some people were present in person, some present by their thoughts and prayers!

But Iím even happier that GOD WAS PRESENT!!...and we could feel Him every minute!

One highlight of the day for me, a part from cutting the ribbon  - was the dedication service!! To have a room full with people from UK, USA and Romania singing and praying together made me shiver!! There were times when I thought that this project will never happen. The project was a huge undertaking. Money was really short! Contractors were late or not honouring their word. The weather at times was not good. Documentation, paper work and Romanian bureaucracy at times was more that we could handle Ö..but Iím glad we did not give up! We "hold on" until Godís help came our way!

I would like to thank you all for your prayers and for the financial support!!! Please continue to pray for us! Where possible, please continue to give and fund-raise, as we have a lot of bills to pay for what we have done to open. We also still have the second phase and that is greatly needed as well!!!!

We still need prayers, time and money! And God can do all the things possible and at times He uses ordinary people like us! What an honour!!

You might wonder what else I did because perhaps this does not sound "too bad". Well JFL was not the only project demanding so much last month! Actually, JFL is just one of 18 projects that we have! So, what was happening in "my other projects?".

Iím overwhelmed about the response Iíve received after my last update!!! On what?? Well on the Tileagd update!!! THANK YOU ALL for making my dreams to become a reality!! Iím so happy to see people responding to the work we do!! Thank you for the money that you send us for the school uniforms! Thank you for the money you send us to have Crina employed at the nursery and Zambila at the school. Two of the really nice Gypsy ladies!!

Thank you for the money that you send us to provide food for school lunches! Thank you for the money to decorate the youth room! THANK YOU!!!

This project is very close to my heart and at times too close! I get too emotionally attached and for a leader, people say it is not good!!! They may be right, because this past month Iíve experienced on "my own skin" what means to be let down by people, or hurt, confused and disappointed. But you know, if God was reacting the way we do at times I wonder where we would have been today?

So please PRAY FOR ME!! I really need it! Satan is attacking us when we are most vulnerableÖÖ.and this past month because I was getting tired and stressed was a great time for the devil to do this to me!!!....And please, please pray for the Tileagd project. I dream for the day when God is doing a revival in that place because I hate when Satan is keeping people under his Ďcontrolí!

Also, Iím really happy that this past month we had over 60 people visit on Mission trips. People that gave up at their time and money to be with us here in Romania! We did lots of things. This report, would you believe it, Iím writing from Salonta office, (JFL) while I have a team of 4 people at the glasshouse!!! The weather is really on our side and God is blessing us with a great time! We have fellowship together, cry together, pray together, work together! It is great to know you have so many brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. If you would like to experience a mission trip please come to see us!!

I invite you especially to do this next year, when we celebrate our 10 year anniversary of our Cihei Mission Centre!!! There will be lots of surprises and lots of great things going on! Each mission trip will have a PARTY TIME. If you want to find more let us know by e-mail or through Facebook!

So, Iím leaving now. I have to go and pick up the team from Arpasel, but not before I leave you with all the words from the same song I started this month report.

And dear friend you might be "perfect" but if you are like me and need help WAIT------GODíS HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!

People say that time will heal
But you know, they just don't feel what you feel
Times are hard but God is so good
He's never failed you, and He said He never would
He sees your tears
He fights your fears

Hold on, help is on the way
He said he'd never leave you or forsake you
Stay strong
Help is on the way
He'd said he'd help you
Just reach out and take his hand

He knows your heart, He lifts your head
He's always close enough to hear every word you said
When you're weak, He said He's so much more
His arm is long enough to reach you where you are
He sees your tears
He fights your fears

Help is on the way by Michael W. Smith

Maria Hava
Director of Operations, Romania


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