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                                 A Letter from Maria's Desk...

"HELP is on the way!!!"

Are there times when you wonder

You wonder if HE sees your problems, if HE sees you struggling? This past month there were many times when I did!

September 2013 for me, was a month that I will never forget!

It started AMAZINGLY!!!

I experienced what many people experience when they go on a mission trip. For me, it was the first one to be on in another country. My joy was bigger because I had Cornel with me. I saw places that I had only seen on TV or in pictures. I met amazing people that will always be in my heart! One such example is a man we called
Mike (his African name was a little more complicated! ). His servant heart, his attitude and his personality were all a great lesson for me. A true man of God. I pray that one day I will go back, but until then Iím thankful to God that He gives me the opportunity to serve HIM in this part of the World Ė ROMANIA!

On my way back to Romania I received a phone call -
Maria, our grandmother died!!!! A sad moment! Sad that I will not see her on this earth ever again, but happy that one day I will see her in heaven! So, because God heard my prayers (I wanted to be in the country for her funeral) I drove immediately from the airport having returned from Africa, all the way to Susca, so as to be together with my family! I was really happy that I could see my sister too and this was the first time since she left Romania that we could be ALL in the same place!

Please continue to pray for my family and thank you soooo much for all the encouragement that you give me.

Coming back to Oradea, the pressures of the 2 weeks away started to appear one by one. Iím thankful to God that HE kept Smiles in one piece, and Iím also thankful to my colleagues Adi, Simona and Corina as well as Dave Clark and many, many others who did a great job. WELL DONE GUYS!!!

On my first day back, I had to run in order to be present at the opening of the
new school academic year in Tileagd. I am over the moon that this was possible! Godís grace and goodness gave us another year. After a lot of work, lots of meetings, lots of frustrations, arguments and pressure, lots of budget cuts, the State took our teachers under their responsibility. For Smiles, this means a new beginning. A new structure, new people, new programs. Indeed a very challenging time, but if Iím honest with you, at the same time, very exciting!

Sadly, some of the people are no longer with us.
Lady Clara Ungureanu is one of them. I am thankful to God for everything that she did for us these past nine years. Geta Maghiar, took the role of administrating the facility and activities, making sure day to day things are well covered. Geta has worked with us in Smiles from day one, opening day of the first school on September 15th 2003. This year was her 10th anniversary and I am so proud to have her around!

So you might wonder what is now going on in Tileagd? Well, LOTS OF THINGS!!!!

Having the pressure off from budget with the teachers now paid by the State, does not means that everything is perfect for us! Even though the State agreed that the kids can stay in the Smiles Community Complex, we The Smiles Foundation, have to cover all the expenses with the heating, electricity, security, cleaning and admin staff.
Of course, all of this cost money! So I ask and encourage you to NOT GIVE UP in supporting the Tileagd project!!

Iím really happy for this new beginning!

I have lots of dreams and hopes for the future. I really think that with GODíS HELP and with your support, things in Tileagd will be different.

Now we are focused on the
after school programme with the kids Ė and I really dream of changing some of the class rooms Ė 3 of them Ė into a more friendly environment. They have their Bible studies and their youth clubs. So I would love to have the room equipped with sofa, TV, games, making a great place where the kids will love to spend their time. To do this will cost us around £1000 ($1,500). Not too much for such a difference. If you can help, please let me know.

Because we need to feed the children Ė
I also dream of having the food cost covered month by month. It was sad for me during the summer to see the kids not having proper food. Now Iím happy that they are back in school, so able to get good food every day. I canít believe that so close to me there are people that most days have no food to eat! It breaks my heart!! So if you would like to help me feed the 100+ kids that are coming day by day to School and the After-School program - PLEASE DO SO! It cost me only £3 ($4.50) per week to feed one child!

Because we need to have a passenger van in Tileagd for the different activities, I dream of having a minibus! We used to have one but due to the budget cuts we had to give it up. Now we have a borrowed one... so it is not ours! We borrowed it from the Family Care Project! But, if we have £2,500 ($3,750) we would be able to
buy a second hand vehicle that is only for the Tileagd project!

Because we need to teach the children the importance of God and how to be good people in this world, we need STAFF! It breaks my heart that for the last 3 years I did not manage to do any salary increase for the staff in Tileagd. They do not receive a huge salary and yet they remained loyal. I really believe in miracles and I really believe that with Godís help, hopefully by December, I can be in the position that I can do this! If you want to help and sponsor, be assured ANY amount is welcome. Just send your gift of support for the Tileagd Project.
If you want to designate to Food, Staff, Vehicle Ėthen simply state that with your gift. I will be so thankful and so will all the children of Tileagd.

JFL - Lounge, Dining Room, BedroomIím happy about Tileagd and I believe in this NEW BEGINNING. I canít wait to have you visiting this place and let me know what you feel! Soooooo IíM WAITING FOR YOU! If you want to write to me with your thoughts and support, please do:

You might wonder if I do anything else besides Tileagd? Well I do!

Salonta and the JFL project takes a lot of my time and energy. But the good news is that the first
phase is nearly done! Iím thankful to God for this and indeed every time when I did not know where to go, which direction, God s help was on the way! 

On October 1st we have the state team coming to do the inspection at JFL! Please pray for us and a positive result. So Iím off to Salonta now!

But not before
I tell you dear friend to not forget that GODíS HELP IS ON THE WAY!!! ALL THE TIME! Just ask for it! I remember when I was a kid, my dad often told me that "God has a phone number too! You just need to dial the number and talk to Him because He is never busy"!
So I used to pick up the phone and dial 5015. (Psalm 50 verse 15)

I pray that you will do the same! Until the next update I leave you with the song that I started the report this month-
Help is on the way by Michael W. Smith

Maria Hava
Director of Operations, Romania


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