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Because HE lives, I can face tomorrow
………and the next day … and the next day!!

This is one of my favourite songs! I told you last year, in my April update about it. I love singing it all the time, but during the Easter time, I hear it more and more! I love the chorus that says:

Because He lives I can face tomorrow,
 Because He lives all fear is gone;
 Because I know He holds the future
 And life is worth the living - just because He lives

 Isn’t that wonderful news for us? These days, life is harder and harder. Wherever you turn the head - you see problems, hear about problems and we are wandering why? Looking on my desk, looking at all the issues I have to deal with, there are times, when I feel “I can’t face tomorrow!”. I’m happy that I am God’s child and HE always finds a way for me to deal with the issues!

Last month, my desk was mobile…well, this month even if I’m in Romania the situation seems the same!! A very full desk and most of the time, not between 4 walls!

April 4th I came back from United Kingdom from the Smiles Conferences, where I had a great time, but for sure -  the busy season started! It was great that I could charge my batteries while I was there. It is great to see people that have the same passion as I have and the same goal! I do not want the words thank you to become just words, but I really appreciate all the work you are all doing! Thank you for it!               

Soon after my arrival the MISSION TRIP SEASON started! We had a small team, but very effective. 8 people, a great beginning for us! If you are reading my news letter, I just want to say again, thank you for your patience with us and also thank you for helping us to improve our work. I can’t wait to see some of you again on your August trip!!

Soon after they left we had a big team!! 33 people from America and United Kingdom. It was great for us to have the 27 members of the US team – Bethany School - here in Smiles. I will never forget the day when
we went to visit their school in Baton Rouge, LA, and the school was closed because of the snow! Well, on one side I was sad because we could not share our story that day with the entire school! But on the other side the only place that was open, was the Mall……so we had some time off, doing shopping!!.  

Even more than that, when I heard that the Director of the School will come to meet us at the Mall, my day got much better!! So, Mrs Carolyn DeSalvo………came for a meeting with us and we had the opportunity to share our story. Later in the year, I had the opportunity to go back and visit the school with Mr Hoy and Georgi. By then, most of the things had been arranged and people were very excited about the trip!

I want to say a huge thank you to Mrs DeSalvo and to Jesse for making this trip possible and to ALL the team that travelled a very, very long time to get to us here and help us!! Thank you all!! You did great and I’m very proud of you!! I hope one day you will come back to see the seeds that you planted during your time here - growing!!                          

Thank you for all the encouragements that I received from you and, hey, I can’t wait to see that container coming on!! It will be another dream come true!!! And not least, I would like to say THANK YOU to Mrs DeSalvo for all the hard work she did to make this trip possible and I’m sorry you did not manage to come this time!! I’m sure God has it under control and at the right time you will come!! THANK YOU !!

Also, I would like to say thank you to my Welsh friends that were part of the mission group. I was very happy to have you here and I’m happy to see your commitment and hard work each day for Romania as well as in UK….  And like Mr Hoy said, I can’t wait to see a container painted with the welsh flag on it! , so just let me know how I can help you to get that dream come true!!! Thank you girls for everything! You are “cool”…

Once this team left, we had a short break for Easter……..well….most of my staff had. Because I had Mr Hoy still in the country and two of our key people that are part of the planning and construction of the Glasshouse in Arpasel and the Joint Facility of Love in Salonta. Dave Clark and Graham Wallace, so I was most of the time with them!! Even if we had to do some extra work, it was fun! They took care of me and I cannot complain !

Thank you guys for all your hard work! I can’t wait to see the glasshouse done!! Then I will get my holiday!!

Speaking about the  Glasshouse…. well it’s coming on! We finished the preparation work for the site and we are ready for the Bosch-Inveka team to arrive!! Please pray for this project, as it is quite a complex one and a new adventure for all of us in Smiles!!    

As I’m writing down the report, I had another container arriving from UK! This container concept is absolute AMAZING BLESSINGS for us!! I need to say and will never stop saying THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY for helping us with soooooo many items that are making a difference in people’s life!!! This month we had two containers arriving from Ireland. Both were nothing short of Miracles on a Truck.

I know we have more being prepared. In Jacksonville Florida which I’ll get to see in 2 weeks when visiting America again with Mr Hoy for lots of meetings. I know we also have in Carlisle, Chelmsford and Inskip England. What amazing times we have ahead.

Well, lots of work is calling for my attention, so I’ll leave it there and look forward to reporting again next month. As always, I encourage you to come to Romania when you can have a week off to see with your eyes all that is happening! I encourage you to come and be a part of this work. Hoping to see some of you as we travel these next few weeks.

So, my dear friends, I leave you in the same way I started! And I encourage you that whenever you feel like I do sometimes …. whenever you feel that you can’t face tomorrow …. don’t forget that our Heavenly Father is there and together we can do it!!!!

Because He lives I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future
And life is worth the living just because He lives

Lots of love,


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