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Report from Georgi Opreanu, Director of Elderly Care

Hope - canvas by Trish WildsmithHope

We do not always realise how important ‘Hope’ is, until we lose it!

HOPE keeps as going, gives us reason to wake up in the morning, helps us to fight with the circumstances and to believe that above the dark sky is the sun and we just need to wait a little bit more, to have patience and everything will be all right.

But after we try all the solutions, we knock on all the doors and we are given the same answers we often begin to lose hope. We lose faith that our problem can be solved and we don’t have the courage to look for help any more.

This last month, I had several calls from families of elderly that need special care and I felt in their voice that desperation to find a solution for their parents. They were overwhelmed by the problems of their parents and they were desperate to find proper care but because of their medical condition, it is very hard to find a suitable place or a facility that will take medical cases. History in Romania relied on the hospitals to provide such care but that is no longer possible or practical, so unless the person is requiring immediate treatment, the hospital will send them home!

I consider myself and my team so blessed to be able to restore hope where it was lost and be the hand that is ready to help and the shoulder they can cry on. I see every day how hope is restored and life changed through the love and help we can provide at ECO & JFL.

March 8th, the celebration of International Women’s Day was a special one at the both centres and we prepared some nice surprises and flowers for all the ladies.

At the Elderly Centre in Oradea (ECO) we were visited by a group of children from our Tileagd School. They had prepared a very nice programme of songs and poems especially to celebrate the beauty and kindness of the ladies. They also created very special cards for each lady and were so much appreciated by the grannies, because they were made with love. They treasured them and even now when we enter in their rooms, they are very nicely displayed on their bedside cabinets.


At Salonta Elderly Care (JFL), a group of young dancers were expected to come and brighten our day. Everything was kept secret, especially because between the dancers was lady Florica's grandchildren. We told the residents to wear their best clothes because they will have a big surprise in the living room. The residents arrived in the living room and took a seat being very curious of what will be happening.

They waited quietly until the music started and a couple of the child dancers entered the room, dancing at the same time between the residents. Their costumes and attitude made the residents to feel like in those special movies. Some of them started to cry. Most of them never had the chance to see a performance like that and the fact that the dancers were juniors impressed them even more. After all the dancers had their performance, the residents were encouraged to dance with the kids.


Mr. Peter who turned 88 this month and used to go weekly to the dance club, was very impressed to have the chance to dance with a professional partner. Lady Florica also danced with her grandson. At the same time, we asked the children to give out the flowers that we had prepared for all the ladies. The ladies, who didn't have the chance to come to the activity, were visited by the dancers in their room and all of them received a flower. We would like the group to come again so we talked with their teacher who promised us that will try to come with the team every time we will invite them.

All this gives hope for a beautiful, better tomorrow, even if the residents are not in their own houses anymore; we try to make them a home where they are now. You can also give them hope, special memories and the love that they so much need, by coming on a mission trip to visit them. Also to sponsor one of our elderly that could not afford to "buy" these memories. Your support in sponsoring a resident is the only way we can continue to give ‘Hope’ to these beautiful people.

Please pray for us as we get ready to open the second phase of JFL and to be able to find the best staff and to bless the lives of the elderly that we will care for from now on.

Giving Hope is such a blessing. Please help us to give hope to those who think they are at life’s end and they lose all their hopes… join with us in this new opportunity of giving hope!


Georgi Opreanu
eputy Director
of Smiles Romania


Elderly Centre Oradea (ECO)
Joint Facility of Love, Salonta;
Doris Elderly Care Centre

 Prayer points:

  • For God to send loving and committed people that will work in JFL II
  • For God to prepare the new residents that will came in the new centres and experience the love of God thru the care we provide;
  • For the new resident to adapt in the centres;
  • For the future accreditation for "Doris Centre".
  • For God's protection upon all of Smiles staff and beneficiaries;
  • For sponsors for the social cases that we care for
  • For all Smiles staff to be a testimony of God’s love so others will get to know HIM.

Please pray for us because when you pray God hears more than what you say, answers more that we ask, gives more than we can imagine in His own time and in His own way.

Wish list – urgent need for:

  • Pampers – just size M and L (Pamper pantyhose)

  • Wipes

  • Gloves

  • Toilet rolls

  • Kitchen rolls

  • Powder detergent

  • Cleaning supplies

  • Dressing, bandages (in date)

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