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 A Letter from Maria's Desk...    April 2014

Back HOME!!!

Someone told me the other day that "HOME is where the heart is"!!! And my heart is in Romania!!

After 3 weeks of travelling, Im happy to be BACK HOME!

Why? Because here I have my family, my close friends, Im doing the things that I love doing and Im really happy! Even if at times life in Romania is hard, I would not want to live in another country! Yes, I like visiting the UK and America, but just for a short time!

So let me tell you how my last month was. while I was "on the road"!

Maria & DaveOn February 28th I left Romania to go to UK. Actually Emilia and I flew into Dublin where Mr Hoy waited to take us to Cookstown in Northern Ireland. For a week we had the Smiles Forums in 9 different locations, a different city every day! An amazing time! Meeting friends that over the years became like my second family which is one of the greatest things I like doing during these visits!

For me, the highlight of the UK trip was when I meet my friend Dave in Cookstown. Dave had a serious illness last year! Lots of us thought that he could die. But God heard our prayers and today Dave is alive. Dave walks, talks, and Im sure with Gods help, one day he will be back in Romania. Until than I pray for continuing recovery!

Once we finished the UK Forums we got on the plane to America!

First stop was NEW YORK!! Another of my dreams becoming reality! I had many flights through New York in the last 9 years but I never stopped in the city. Once Id seen that the Statue of Liberty was still there. Empire State Building still tall. Times Square still amazing, we moved on to the next place.

New Jersey! First meeting was with one of my teachers from University! I was so glad to see him in US and thankful that he drove 3 hours to see me and Emilia.

From there we had 17 meetings, in 8 States and only 9 days to accomplish everything.

We started with our first meeting in Philadelphia PA and then to Ashland VA. We continued south to Charlotte, NC before heading across the mountains to Kingsport, TN. Then we back on a plane to Baton Rouge LA, then to Jacksonville FL before flying to Cincinnati OH. We then drove up to Groveport OH before our final meeting in Fairfield OH on route back to Cincinnati Airport. This was to be our final check-in for the flight home via Atlanta and London Heathrow before the last leg to Budapest.

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL my friends from America that made our trip a truly amazing experience!

When the 3 weeks finally ended, I came back HOME!!

With the battery charged, although a little tired, I was happy to start work! So, even though I arrived late Thursday evening, Friday morning I went to say hi to my colleagues! . and to see the Mission Centre in "new clothes!" (after renovation)

I m really happy with the way it all came out. The Smiles construction team did a good job and the renovation of the centre was finished on time! So, the only thing that was missing was the people!!! But not for long! On the March 29th, the first 14 people arrived!! Where? Well they also arrived H.O.M.E!! Ready for a Hands On Mission Experience!!

Im sure that from now on you will hear a lot about our new concept for Mission Trips!!! I cant wait to have as many of you H.O.M.E. in Romania, at Smiles.Why?!?!

Because is the best place to be! Im sure that if your heart is for Romania you will agree with me and come Back Home!

Love to you all and hope to see you soon.

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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