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I can only imagine..
At the moment, I can only imagine what it will be like! How it will be, surrounded by His glory, standing in His presence, walking by Jesusí side!?

I love travelling! But in the last year or two, with so much news of accidents that Iíve heard about, I got scared! The one that frightened me the most is the plane! Every time that Iím on the plane for a few seconds I canít moveÖ.soon after that  I start singing this song- I can only imagine! Is the greatest fellowship moment that I have with my God for the entire journey, even if itís 2 hour or 10 hour!!!

This past month Iíve done a lot of travelling!  It was great to see Godís presence, power and security with me! (I was asking every person that I knew to do the same!- so I had extra power!)

The day that we travelled across Atlantic Ocean I was sitting near the window. I was looking out and I saw the most amazing view! That moment in time I was saying to God that if an accident will happen, I would not be sad!!! He did not take me! I guess He still has plans for me on this earth!
What were His plans for me this past month???

The day that the mission trip finished on May 7th, I left Romania as well. I went to UK and than got ready for a ďflying visitĒ to USA!  For my two days in the office in UK I could get things that I did not managed to do in the last month while I was in Romania?

Tuesday our journey to USA started! A great experience and I could see God at work every single second right from the beginning!

On Wednesday morning we had a meeting at the Regent University. It was a great time! Last year, during the summer a group of students from there came to Smiles for two weeks to do Trauma Counselling and they did a great job! Because I was on the UK tour I was not that much involved in it, but I thank God for His favour over me to get me to this place and see the wonderful work this School is doing and the impact that it has around the World. I pray for all the professors and students there and I thank them that they consider Smiles Foundation part of their work!

Later that morning I went with Mr Hoy to the CBN office to meet one of our friends Efram. Mr Hoy had an interview there and I could look around the place! It was amazing!!!! For many years through Alfa and Omega, the Christian TV channel here in Romania I saw lots of programs that are made at CBN. This time I could see it live! I went in the 700 Club Studio and I could not believe that Iím there!! A dream came true! Another one!
Thanks Efram for this opportunityÖ.and for the pictures.

After the time in Virginia, we had 6 hour drive to Tennessee! There we meet dear friends of ours that for years have helped the work of The Smiles Foundation in Romania. It was sooooooo nice when I heard their plans for the future and when they told us how many people are booked to come to Romania during the summer of 2012. Thank you Jeremy, Dante, and all the people at Colonial Heights, Kingsport. Canít wait to have you all here!!!!!

After our time there we had to fly to Atlanta. There was a bad storm outside so the plane was late! I was scared !Ö..But happy when I got in the car, in Atlanta!! Then our big drive started!

We stopped in Leesburg for a meeting with two people that Iím really happy that I know them and they are part of my life! Many times Iíve heard people saying that ď Iím in their prayers! ď but when pastor Bobby says: I pray for you all the time! I really feel encouraged and I know that it is happening!  Thank you for doing that ÖÖand Lanelle, thank you for the nice dresses that you gave me!! Thank you for trusting me!

Then we went to Jacksonville! A place that is like my second home while Iím in USA. Had a great time! In the morning we went to Christís Church and had fellowship with our brothers and sisters there. The message about Jonah was a great encouragement for me! Working with the gypsy community for years now, and asking God to change them, this message came as a real encouragement to me. Thank you Pastor Jason for it.

After the 9am service we went to Lakewood United Methodist Church to meet our friends from there. It was nice to see the little children worship God with all their hearts! After the service we went to see our container that is in the parking lot at the Church. It is great to know that after years of praying this dream is becoming reality!! I encourage you, all my friends from USA that if you would like to help us to see this dream real, to get in contact with Jim Blyth and he will let you know the ways you can do that.

After the church and lunch we had been invited to a graduation party! It was soooooooo nice to be a part of it! Our second family in USA, the Watts family had their youngest daughter, Christian, graduate high school! It is an honour for me to know them and be a part of their family! Iím very proud of Christian. Every time she comes to Romania she is an encouragement to the people here and a great friend to the children. Iím soooo happy that her future education will be based with childrenís education. Well done Christian!

Then, Monday morning we had another 4 hour drive. This time to Stuart FL. We met with another great man of God, Pastor Phillip! After a great lunch I had an even greater counselling session! I thank God to all the people that are around me, people from where I can learn and look at them as my model. Thank you Phillip for everything, especially your wise words and I canít wait to have you here in Romania! I pray for that day and Iím sure that in Godís timing it will happen!! I will make sure you will go fishing.

Our last meetings were in Lake Wales. Meeting dear friends, people that have their heart committed to the work we do. Thank you Terry Turnball and Donna Hills for your time. I canít wait for the day we have the container full of party dresses and wedding dresses.
Weíll have a fun time!!!!!!!!!!Right???  Proud of you two! Ö..and Emma - it was nice to see you and I canít wait for you to come back !

You might think, poor girl did not have any time for herself!! Well itís not like that!!

I had time to do lots of shopping! ĎROSS - dress for lessí is my best friend in that area and the dresses that I got from there for my little shop in Salonta are AMAZING!!!  I also had a little time to sun bathe - and guess what, this time I did not get burned!!!!!!!

Once my ďflying visitĒ finished I came back to UK and then HOME!!!!
Safe and in one piece!! God took care of me! He does it all the time!!

The day that I came home was Sunday so my desk was closed, but on MondayÖÖwow! SOOOOOOOOOOO MANY things on it, I did not know where to start!! The priority was the Glasshouse! I can tell you, that this project scared me a lot when we first started talking about it!

BUT with Godís help, with our Glasshouse unloadingsupervisorís presence in Romania - Graham Wallace and with the guy from the company that did the main job, Ad van Bekhoven, this was the easiest task!

Graham, if you have time in Budapest on your way home and read this line, I just want to tell you that I APPRECIATE all the work you do for us!!!! I wish I could have you here the entire summer and THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for all your hard work!

Now, Iím back at my desk getting ready for the summer mission trip! Soooo lots of work to do! While I write the report we have a team here Ė the Educational Challenge. Cristina and our educational adviser Stephen Woodward are responsible for that and Iím so happy that they do a great job!

But you know what? I canít imagine how the Smiles Foundation will work without the commitment from people like YOU! People that are helping us financially, with time and with prayers!!

YOU ALL DO a GREAT JOB!! Thank you for that!! 

View from the planeIím very proud of you all! Iíve heard some news from people in Ireland, about the concert that they had to raise money for Romania! Well done guys!! Well done! People in England , Scotland, Wales, USA ---- Everyone - WELL DONE!!

Iím proud of you ALL!!! And I canít wait for the day we ALL meet in Hea
ven and spend eternity with our Farther! At the moment I can only imagine, how it will be!! But that day will come!!

Lots of love,


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