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A Letter from Maria's Desk - June 2014

From a Child's Heart

Someone told me once, that for as long as my parents live, I am a child!! Well, I think that is true! But what I like more than that, is that I am God’s child and HE is my Father! My real home is in heaven and while I am here on this earth, I need to be a good servant in everything I do!

Here in Romania, we celebrated on June 1st, the KIDS DAY!!! Officially ‘International Children’s Day’.

How did we celebrate it?!? Well me and Mr Hoy went to Tileagd church in the morning and had a blessed time in fellowship with our family from the Gypsy village! After the church finished, we had to take a few of the kids - 24 to be precise - in the big American van and bring them to Oradea for a party that Pastor Vasile organised!!

But until the party which started at 3pm, we stopped for lunch at McDonald’s!! I was really happy to see the kids’ happiness! The Bible verse from Mathew 19.14 says - "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Today I understood better what this Bible verse means in practice. Their innocence and honest hearts, their good intentions in everything they do, gives us, the adults, a big lesson that these days is harder and harder to apply to day to day life. I remember when I heard for the first time the story of ‘trusting 100% in Jesus’ said from a child perspective. A teacher was asking the children in the class "who they trust more and who they believe in more"? One kid said - in God! And the smart teacher replied: "but you know God is not someone you can see, how can you trust Him?!……but the child in his nice innocent way said: "and we can’t see the wind but we can feel it!!!". My prayer is for all of us to have this faith in all the things that we are called to do.

If you are wondering if all month I was having parties, my answer is ...... yes, most of it!

I closed my report last month telling you that I was going on holiday! O yes!! I’ve been! It was a great one!! Had a good time together with my hubby and my friends Georgi and Ritza! One week seemed a short time….. but in Smiles time, it was a lot. Things never stops here, so good to come back before too long passes!!!

When I came back, we had a special mission group visiting us! A different team this time. A special construction team from Ireland that for two weeks gave up at their time to spend here in Romania. Doing what?! Well building a new Farm Crop Storage Barn!! And I tell you, I’m amazed to see it DONE!!! Looks AMAZING!I really do not have words to say what I feel when I look at it, but just want to make sure that all the GUYS!:) know how much we appreciate their effort and hard work. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!....and can’t wait to have you all back and put all the crops in it.

During this time I also had to make sure that the Joint Facility of Love part 2 was moving on!! I am thankful to God for the construction team that we have the contract with. They are a true blessing to us and the way that the things are going at the moment is really good for us in Smiles. Please pray to God for the things to stay in this way and to get the building done and ready for the inspection on September 19th.

Until then we have to make sure we get the money in place to pay for all the things we have to do. IF YOU CAN HELP with donating towards this, please do so! There are soooo many beneficiaries that wait to see you face to face and say a huge thank you for everything you do.

Once the construction team from Ireland left we had another mission group! To be honest with you, I love it when I have people visiting us! For me it is a great help and encouragement!....and more than that ..... they do a lot of work. This time the focus for the week was our Homeless Project! If you remember, I told you in my previous updates about the "parties" that we have each mission trip and the special activities that they have to do while they visit us, during this special 10 year anniversary of building the Cihei Mission Centre!

One of the highlights of the last group that came was our Sunday evening service in the Homeless community! I was translating the message and the songs. And I could feel God’s presence there! At the end of it, one of the guys came and told us: "I pray that one day to get to that stage in my life when I can say that I love God as much as I loved to do the bad things in my past life!!!". I did not understand initially, but talking to him, and finding out what he did, I was amazed with his statement. He really wants to get to know God more and love him more. What a great encouragement!

If you still wonder if my job is hard at times, the answer is yes .... very hard. But when you see people wanting to get to know God and realise that THIS is the most important thing, it is worth all the stress and pressure!

I loved it when we closed our special evening with a prayer. When My Hoy invited people to say their prayer requests and to come in front in order for us to pray for them, one kid from the container village, Denis who is 8 years old, came in the front and said "I want you to pray for God to give power and blessings to Jesus and to God". What a great way of saying thank you to God, even when you are in a hard situation like being Homeless!

I admire people that have so strong relationship with God in a true way.

On May 31st, while I was in the office I received one of the hardest pieces of news from this year. A dear friend of mine, mum of 2 kids, a great wife, strong Christian lady, has received the news that she has cancer! I could not believe it and I called her straight away. My shock was when she started to encourage me, instead of me encouraging her! What a great way to live your life with God. Please pray for my friend! Maybe, if I have her permission, in the next report I will tell you more……but for now, pray for Maria’s friend, who is a Smiles friend and even if you do not know her name – God does!

So to you my dear friends, life is short and we do not know when God is coming to take us home! It might be a day, a month, a year or 10 years! Let us stay strong on his path and be a faithful servant in the place that he put us on this earth! He knows why we are in the positions we are. I am sure He can do the work without us, but what a great opportunity for us to be used in His service?!?!?!

I’m thankful for everything He does for me, even if at times I can’t understand it! From a thankful heart for everything you also do for us day by day.

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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