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A Letter from Maria's Desk - May 2014

(Hands On Mission Experience)

Last month I invited you to come
to Romania!! Ö..and
I want to do the same this month!

Because itís AMAZING!! The mission trip season started in full swing and Iím really, really happy when I see people from different cultures sharing Godís love with the people of my country!

I told you my first group arrived on March 29th. Well we had a great time! I love spending my evenings with the teams and listening to their experience of the day or weeks spent in Romania.

My joy is when I see people with the desire of wanting to make a difference! Some have the privilege to see the difference in the week that they are in the country, some in the months, but for some they see the results of their "investments in peopleís life" only years later!

I remember my father used to tell me a story about a missionary that could not see the results of his hard work because they came only after he died! As a child I was wondering why? I could not understand it! But now being in the mission field, I know there are things, places and people that God still has to work on and maybe I will not see the results in my lifetime! I just pray that me or any other Smiles' Supporter to stay faithful to the Calling that God made on us!! And as "faithful servants" we will get the results sooner or later!

Back now to my first mission team! Well, there are times when I canít really plan lots of practical work due to the financial pressure and budgets! I will not forget when the members of my first mission team this year told me "we want to do something practical and if necessary - we will pay for it!!!".

Imagine my happiness!! I had such a loooooooooong list, but I started with the first one! The fence and the playground in the Nursery in Tileagd! We had an amazing time on the Friday (their last day) when the job was DONE!!

If only I could have registered and captured the kids faces when they arrived on Monday morning!!

But the next mission trip I had, guess what? They responded the same! " We would like to sponsor the garden and the sun canopy at the Elderly Centre in Cihei! AMAZING!!

So guys, if you read this update, you will know who did it. I just want to say again THANK YOU soooooo MUCH!!!

While Iím writing my report this month I have another team hereÖÖso I will tell you what theyíve been up to and the results of what they did in my next report!!

But, I did not have only the mission groups to deal with this past month. If you remember, I told you that the work on JFL - Phase 2 ---- STARTED!!! I love it! It is a very stressful process because of the paper work with the bureaucracy and rules of Romania, but I love it! To be honest with you, the real pressure is on Mr Hoy! He is the one that needs to make sure that every month we have £10,000/$15,000 in our bank account to pay the Construction Company! He is the one who had to agree and sign the contract. I think one of the reasons he works so many hours every day is that he wouldnít sleep even if he went to bed!

This month we have already received £8000/$12,000. So we are £2000/$3,000 short! Then on May 1st Ė another month starts and Mr Hoy will need another £10,000/$15,000 in 30 days!!

PLEASE, if you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE by helping us to raise ANY amount of this required money, let us know. Write to Mr Hoy or go on this web link and support!

Iím thankful for all the people that are helping us. With their prayers, their money and time! Iím so happy to hear that people are already making plans for coming to Romania in 2015!!! Iím looking forward to have you ALL here whether this year or next year. As long as you come H.O.M.E at some time!

So what is next? Well Iím taking some time off! Yes, you heard right! Iím going on HOLIDAY for a week to Cyprus!!

Iím really happy and looking forward for this!! No, Iím not going alone. Cornel is coming as well. Mr Hoy was nice to give us both time off at the same time. We have to plan more carefully now that we are working together as well J ! So pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pray for great weather! Minimum 25 degrees (80F), as I want to get plenty of sun on meJ Öno I wonít get burnt again, but after a cold winter and rain I would LOVE some extra sun!! J

In closing, I would also like to ask you a HUGE favour! Will you do this for me?!?!?! I hope so!

Please pray for the Tileagd project and the people of Tileagd. Iím sure some of you know that my heart is there! I know Iím not allowed to have a favourite project, but Tileagd is one of the first projects I got involved with (after the mission centre building, which was my first in 2003!).

You might wonder: Why suddenly she is telling us about Tileagd? Well, you know that last year, we had lots of changes going on in Tileagd! The State partnered with us in the School and took over the teachers and we had several new things going on. Some of them proved great and some did not!

Now we have 2 months left until the school and nursery finish another year! So we need to make plans for the new academic year!! We have two of the nursery teachers that will leave us due to new additions in their life (they are both expecting their first baby- PLEASE pray for them too). For that we need a LOT of wisdom to make sure that we choose the right replacements for the 2 years of maternity leave!

Also please pray for the kids! And pray for their parents!! This community NEEDS TO KNOW GOD!!!!!!! One of my dreams is to make a prayer list, and to know that everyday there is a person, a group of people praying for this place! I want Godís victory over Tileagd, over Smiles!! If you are interested in this and want to be a part of the prayer chain feel free to send me an e-mail. Weíll work on a schedule for the entire month.

Ooo. I almost forgot to mention this before I close my report this month!! Iím sure Adi and Georgi told you a bit about this as they had their projects presented, but this year, as we celebrate 10 years since Smiles Mission Centre was built - Every week we have a party going on! It is FUN!

But you know what is more FUN?!?! When Godís children no matter their culture, language or circumstances - can REJOICE IN GOD!

You want to be a part of that?

I wait for your visit H.O.M.E with Smiles here in Romania!!

Be blessed

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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