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Let’s party!!!                                          

O yes! I have lots of reasons why I should do that!!
Let me tell you few of them, from only the past month!!

I told you in my update from last month about the
Glasshouse Project, that we started working on!!

Well, it is FINISHED!!! Can you believe that?????

Less than 4 weeks!!!!! It was one of the easiest projects that I ever did in Smiles. So easy…. because of the entire professional team that I had around me!      

Little & Large - Maria and MannoThe first week of the project I had our architectural adviser, Graham Wallace here in Romania with Ad from Bosch Inveka, Holland. They were responsible for the foundations work! Ten days later, once the job was done, I had a Polish team, from Bosch Inveka coming here to do the structure and the glass.

Their manager,
Manno, was making sure that the guys all did a good job and on time!

Before we got to the end of the project, I had our construction adviser Dave Clark here in Romania to make sure all the things were “ending up ok”!

Maria loves construction management!I remember before we started the project we had to do lots of planning which created lots of stress and headaches! But with God’s help, all these became  “funny memories”. There were things (tools) that I had them on site before I needed (that was a first for me :), some I made sure were there on time, but some we never found! We needed a set of ramps in case there was rain, in order for the tractors and the machine to be able to drive on the soil. I said at that time to our glasshouse adviser,
Paul Jeanes, “we can not find these ramps in Romania so the only thing we need to do, is to pray for the rain to stop for one month till the job is done!!!”.                             
And guess what???
It was PERFECT weather!! No RAIN at all and the job was finished
EARLIER than we expected!! God is on our side, even when we feel that the “mountains are too high for us to climb” and for that I will always say thank you to HIM!!         

I would also like to say thank you to one person that was with me from the beginning of this project and did a lot of the job from my side!! 
SIMONA TOSITY, which is one of our newest staff member in Smiles, having joined us in April. Simona is doing  a great job and her passion for this project is a great encouragement for me! She takes a lot of my headaches on her plate and deals with them!! 
Thank you SIMO and well done!!!

Now, because my update needs to be a short one this month, I will try to keep it short!

There was one other thing that was a great reason to party …well in Smiles for sure! Nina, GOT MARRIED!!!! The great news is that she is not leaving Smiles, not now, at least!. Maybe when they start a family, she will need some time off. She got married with Calin Florea, one of our colleagues from the Gepiu Project! So, we try to keep it in family!!
They had a great wedding with lots of fun.
Please pray for both of them, for God’s blessing over them on their new journey in life and for them as a new family!! So, yes, another one is gone…and you might wonder who’s next????!!! Well, stay close; you might be in for a great surprise!! 

But I won’t tell you more now…. Instead, I’m having fun with the mission trip visits! We already had more than 84 people visiting us just in June!!!! Lots of fun, lots of tears and lots of stories shared with each other!!! If you would like to come….you still have time!!! Go on this link to see how you can do that!! MISSION TRIP LINK

Just now, Mr Hoy came to tell me that ….we have to go to the meeting!!

So my dear friends I leave you now, with the encouragement to PARTY whenever you can and have few moments off! God loves when His children are happy and have a good time!

I remember I got some advice just before I left home, and went to high school in Timisoara!! A huge city compared with my little village!! Somebody came to me and said :
Maria, have fun and enjoy every second like it is the last one, but make sure that at the end, God will say well done”

My dear friends, wherever you are this summer, make sure you do things that your Heavenly Father is proud of!! If you have His blessing over it, all things will be great!

Enjoy this summer holiday time and keep in touch!

With love,


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