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A Letter from Maria's Desk - July 2014


Did I ever tell you that I LOVE MY COUNTRY?! If not, I知 telling you now! Yes I do love my country! I love my home village Susca, I love the area where my work is happening, here in Cihei - Bihor!
I love ROMANIA!!

Even at times when the work is hard and challenging to live here, I知 thankful to God that He gives me the opportunity to do so!!!

This past month, I visited places that I致e never been before and I知 amazed to see the beauty of my own country! When God made the world, I知 soooo happy that He put so many nice places in this country. At the beginning of the month I was in Maramures. A very traditional place that still keeps the Romanian traditions. The highlight was the ride I had with a train, that was running with wood, called MOCANITA!!! In the last days of the month I was in Hunedoara and visited a Castle, Corvinilor Castle!! It was Amazing!!!

I told to Mr Hoy, that I will offer my services as a volunteer if we put on tours for the mission trip people that come to visit Smiles and want to see other faces of the country!!!! If you would like to do that, tell Mr Hoy ... book some extra days beyond your main Mission Trip ... and then we GO!

Now, if you should hear about a "new adventure" within Smiles in this area, do not say that I did not tell you :) !!

So each time the "dream weekend" finishes, I come back to the usual work! JFL part 2, the construction side , is going great! The mission trip season is in full swing and is going great too! Very hard work and demanding on everyone, some even more working long days, 7 days a week. In the last month, we had over 63 people visiting us! So LOTS OF SMILES SHARED!

BUT, you may wonder if there was anything "special" going on! Well yes, ALL the time!!

The FIRST YEAR of the TILEAGD COMMUNITY SCHOOL in the partnership with the State ended up great! I知 really happy that we got to this stage! It was not easy, no one said that it would be, but it was encouraging to see that there are still children that WANT to do school and parents that CARE about their kids education!

I was happy to be at the end of year presentation that the kids had!! The progress that is happening year by year is amazing! I知 thankful to God for the teachers, administration people, the sponsors and for everybody that is involved with this project! Your contribution to the work we do is amazing!

Now the School and Nursery are on holiday until September! And when I say that, I really mean it!!! The summer school that we did for the last 10 years will not happen this year due to some of the renovation work that needs to be done in the classrooms, in the complex, and in the nursery!

But at times we still need to change our decisions! Last week I had a group from Regent University in Tileagd, (see more about them on Adi痴 page) doing some counselling with the children! At the end of the session one child that has a hard situation at home came to us and asked : "is there food??? Is there lunch for us?!?!" HEARTBREAKING!!! It was the only normal food that he had!! It breaks my heart because some of the kids already come back asking me when they come to school? They have only had one week holiday and one boy said he had not eaten for 3 days! This is the importance of our project which provides so much more than Education.

I KNOW that Tileagd is a hard project, an expensive one, but PLEASE continue to support us!!! To pray for us!! We need it and if more funds were available, we could provide a Summer Support programme that would ensure the children eat regularly and stay safe throughout the holiday.

We make a real difference in the life of these children. EDUCATION is very important! You realise that - only when you lose it or you cannot do it!

I do not want to talk too much this month but I want to leave you with this question: "What do you do to make a difference in this world?" This is a question we must all ask ourselves on a regular basis.

I pray for God痴 wisdom and blessings over you!

Lots of love

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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