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Maria’s Report – December 2011   

Another year has nearly gone by……
           …2011 is getting to an end!
What has 2011 meant for me??!!

Well, lots of happy moments but some sad ones.
Lots of new challenges, but still the joy over the ‘old’ things.
Time spent with new friends and old ones …
in a few words - 2011 was a great year!

I am sorry last month I could not do an update! Lots of things happened in my life!! Some took me by surprise and were hard ones. But thanks to God, I have found in Him the power to go forward!!

So what I did in these two months?? Well
LOTS and LOTS of things. My desk is full!
All the time!  But I don’t want to take too much time recalling all the issues and taking, time to type it all, as I am sure you will understand, I still have lots to do.
More on that in a moment.

In October, I was very busy with the mission trips and the Salonta building site!! It was a joy to see over 70 people visiting Smiles and sharing with us here in the work. They did great and we had a fantastic time!

The ‘Joint facility of Love’ in Salonta was another big thing on my list. The discussions over the contract, the commencement of work there was all taking me back to the days when we had to build the Tileagd Complex!! Although really quite a pressure and at times very stressful – the truth is, I love it….even if at times it is very hard work!!


Well again, I was all over the place!! I was for 2 weeks in the USA on one of Sefu’s famous FLYING VISITS!!

It was great to see God’s hands working in our lives, even during these hard times. The economic pressure over so many of the people these days, makes God’s power even bigger!

I will never have enough words to show my appreciation for the people that give their financial support month by month, there time day after day in order for the work here in Romania to be done! I know that is hard, and I know that each of us has difficulties, but I am sure that where we give from a clean heart God is pouring out His blessings.

So – what do I have to do now?

Well, having been away for most of November in United Kingdom and America, I was a little behind on preparations for the SOS campaign.

Sack of Smiles and all the Food Parcels for December delivery need sorting urgently as delivery will start Monday with the first Mission Teams arriving this week-end.

We have lots of children and families who need support this Christmas. Many have suffered greatly this year and many children will have nothing this Christmas unless Smiles delivers a gift. Families will not have enough to eat unless Smiles delivers some extra Christmas Food Parcels. Many homes will be very cold unless Smiles can help with wood for the fire.

Smile’s wants to help many, but we need your help to do our part.
Please support as much as you can this month with the special Christmas programs.
I am currently £4,400 / $6,600 short on what I really need for this Christmas support.

Sefu says he is giving all he can. Sending everything people donate. He says I need to Pray, even more than normal for God to work a miracle.

So, I am. Praying harder than ever, that even in these difficult financial times, every one who loves God and loves the work of Smiles, will support this Christmas program more than ever before, so that I can get to work on preparing up to 800 gifts for children, families and old people who wait in hope for something special this Christmas.

I know you care. I thank you for that and I look forward to telling you in January how it all went this Christmas.

Have a wonderful month and especially at Christmas with family and friends.

With love,


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