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A Letter from Maria's Desk - August 2014


Iím not a big fan of parties! But I do love to see other people having fun!! I personally love more the preparation side of the party! All the details that makes a party a real success!

This past month, I had the privilege to organise a type of party for the kids from Tileagd. Because we are celebrating this year 10 years since the Mission Centre was opened, every Wednesday we have a party with the people that are coming on the mission trip!

But on Thursday the Celebration moves to the project! And this past month, the project that I was responsible for was Tileagd!

So - How did it go?!?  I would say, very nice!! Great Fun!!! With all the ingredient that a successful party needs!

With 35 mission trip people visiting us that week, I wanted to make sure that each of them had a "partner". So Thursday morning 3 big vans from Cihei went to bring 35 kids from Tileagd!!!

After a short Ďclean upí at the Complex (wash and change of clothes for some of the kids), they came here in Cihei to have breakfast! It breaks my heart to see so many of them not having a proper meal. This is always a problem when school is on holiday, which further demonstrates how important ĎSchoolí is for these kids, even beyond learning.

Once the bellies were full, we loaded up the Smiles vans again and went to the cinema!!! 70 people!! Kids and Adults!! Some of them had seen only on TV what a cinema looks like! Now it was real! And real fun! They enjoyed the movie- even if somewhere in the middle of they all seem to need a toilet break! It was hard to explain to them that the cinema canít put pause on the screen and start again when they are back!!

Once the movie finished and we had a 10 minute break, we moved to the bowling alley!!! I do not know how to call that experience, fun or stress?!?!

The kids had fun, because they wanted to keep the ball all the time in their arms, and not let go. But after 2 hours of explaining the rules to them, they decided it was time to give up and wait for another time!!!  Still for me the big achievement was to have them all in indoors and having fun! And Iím happy that we managed it!

I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the two mission teams from Ardstraw and Ballymena in Northern Ireland for making this Celebration Party possible due to their amazing giving. Their support in covering the cost of the Tileagd kids, their time spent with the kids throughout the day and their prayers for everything to go well Ė which it did!

But this is not the only thing that Iíve been doing during my month of July!

JFL Phase 2 took part of my time! Iím sooooooooooooo happy with the progress that is happening there! Iím thankful to GOD for everything and everybody that is involved in this project! Iím really looking forward to seeing it done! The good news is that we believe the building can be done in time for the State Inspection, the bad news is that we still need a lot of money for it!!!

If YOU can help and make a big difference, please do so!!

Also, something that took my time this month was being involved in lots of meetings, discussions and paperwork, on the new project proposal with the Mayor office in Oradea. Iím sure that Mr Hoy will be telling you more in the e-mail update, so if you havenít read that yet, go and update yourself now.

Iím happy to see the authorities in Romania recognising the hard work we do. It is a blessing and an honour! Although it has already been a lot of work - The real journey now starts, so PLEASE pray for us!!! Pray for Georgi as she takes adds this to her responsibilities and pray for every single person that will come there. Pray for wisdom and for guidance in choosing the staff to make it all possible!

So dear friends, time in Smiles goes fast! Real fast!! Thank you for keeping up to the speed we go!!

Sometimes in life we do not realise how time flies until we have some sad news or a bad experience happening! Then we stop and think, sometimes needing to re-plan! I pray for wisdom, because I need a lot, to learn to stop before bad things happen!

This past weekend, Iíve heard that another friend of mine from childhood, that is only 27 years old, has cancer! A dear friend of mine that lives in my village 57 years old was diagnosed with 17 different sicknesses. Every day I hear of people in suffering and hard situations ÖÖ..At times Iím emotionally drained out, so I ask for your constant prayers.

But, when I say to my father, friends and family to pray for me often they say "God is not giving us more than we can take!!"Ö..This may be true, but I wish at times He would not to give me so much!

For that I will ask Him when Iím in heaven! Until then, I do my work and at the end I wish I can say like it says in Timothy 4. Verse7 Ė "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful."

God help us in all we do!

Lots of love

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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