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A Letter from Maria's Desk - September 2014

Öwhen good things in life come to an end! What do we do?

To be honest with you this past month I was asking myself this question many times!
What do people do when the good things in their life come to an end?!?!
 Sadly many times, we as humans instead of turning our face to God, we decide to run away! Or we decide to do "something that we think will work better"!

A few days ago I heard a very sad story of a 14 year old girl that came in our shelter at Smiles, for domestic abuse! When she had her while life ahead of her, her father and his best friend decided to "have some fun" and they raped her! Not only that, but she got pregnant and now she has brought into this world, a baby boy that she is wondering if itís her son or her brother!?!?! A truly disgusting and disturbing thought!

At times I wish I did not hear of these things! It also amazes me that Smiles has now reached the point where we can deal with these issues and actually are the only facility in the county of Bihor seeking to help those facing the horror and desperation of domestic abuse. But I realise more and more that we live not only in a very sinful world, but a world that is going slowly to destruction. What is the future for this poor girl? Her childhood came to an end because now she has to look after her baby!! So sad.

Another piece of news I heard, was about one of my dear friends who was diagnosed with 17 different sicknesses. God gave him a second chance to repent and get closer to Him and he took it. Now, he died but he knew that his eternity is with His eternal father!

I donít know about you, but as I was celebrating my birthday this past month I realised that the nice things in life can come pretty fast to an end! The happiness that this world offers us is not actually for very long. Thatís why itís important to look for the "ETERNAL ONE".

So dear friend, remember Psalm 37:3-5 - "Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed .Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass."

What else was going on in Smiles this past month? A lot!

This past month was full of mission trip people visiting us! It has been an amazing time to share Godís love with the Romanian people. More than 200 people visited us this past 3 months! AMAZING!! I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to ALL the people that came to Romania to share their time, money and energy with us!!! Continue to be a blessing wherever you are, because you are a blessing for us! The final group left us on August 23rd and now is time for me to get back to my daily routine and deal with some serious issues on the horizon!

This past month I had to make sure the work at JFL Phase 2 is nearly to the end of what we call "red building". Basically ĎWind & Watertightí I think in English. Iím sure you remember that we told you that the final inspection for this phase of the building is on 19th September. So with GODíS GRACE the work is DONE!!!!!! I donít know how but another miracle within Smiles for sure. The building is up, the doors and windows are in and the underground drainage in before the slab floor was laid.

Iím waiting now for the inspection but to be honest with you Iím really, really nervous about it. PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!! I will have to face it alone, as Mr Hoy is on tour and then away with the High School Kids and he wonít be in Romania! So for me and Dana, my administrative colleague, it will be a real challenge!!!

Also this past month I had to work a lot on Tileagd and the new academic year. Again, the budget on the financial side is a real pressure for me, but I still believe in miracles!

This past academic year was the hardest for me. Lots of spiritual warfare and sadly in some of it I lost the battle!! But Iím happy that God renewed my strength and Iím back on track. Now Iím looking forward to see it start again. A few changes happened during the summer. Two of my nursery teachers are expecting their first babies, so they are to take two year maternity leave. Iím sooooooo happy for Lidia and for Anamaria. They deserve it.

Iím looking forward to September/ October to meet the new staff members. Both of them have left two great ladies in their places. Lady Monica will replace Lidia. She was working for 40 years in the academic field and has a lot of experience. So for me this will be a real help and Iím thankful to God that we found her. The other lady is Simida. She will replace Anamaria. She is a great young Christian lady, devoted to the children. Iím really looking forward to offer her a full time position starting from September 1st.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to pray for this project. I know I drive you mad with it and ask you all the time for help, but without you I canít really do it. Without Godís protection I canít do it! I still need lots of financial support to balance my budget and at times I do not know how to do it, but Iím not losing hope yet!

Iím still in deficit with £1,500 a month but I pray and I hope one day I will get the project on plus. If you can help me with any amount, please let me know, or contact the Leeds office or go on line to see how you can support our monthly budget.

IíM APPRECIATING your PRAYERS and Iím really thankful for them, for your financial support and please do not stop!! On September 15th I will be there, starting a new academic year knowing that as long as we have God on our side EVERYTHING is possible!!

Also on my list is the newest Smiles challenge! The ECO project :). We call it that way cause is easier for us! But that means ELDERLY CENTRE ORADEA!

Yes, youíve read it right! We were asked by the Mayor office in Oradea to take this project under our administration! It is an amazing building. Has had 1 Million Euro invested in itÖ.and then stayed empty! After the Mayor and Social Services invited all the charities to "come to a round table discussion" and talk about the project, they decided that the best one was the Smiles Foundation!

I know, I know, Iím not a modest person now!  . But Iím really happy that they did acknowledge our hard work! Iím sure it will not be easy and all smooth going but God did not promise us an easy life. BUT he promised us victory WITH HIM!!! So for that Iím really happy to know that we are HIS.

Iím sure some of you are asking WHY ANOTHER project before JFL Phase 2 is ready?!
I wish I could answer that straight, but when I pray for God to bless me and He gives me what HE THINKS is best for me, I need just to say ĎThank Youí!

So, this project I take it like that. A blessing that I need to accept and be thankful for it! Now, my part is to transform that building from a more "institutional one" in to a "homely one"Ö..and I canít wait to do it!!! I will leave you with few pictures this month and when Iím ready with the decorations, I will be back!!

I think Iíve talked a lotÖ.again!! I leave you now because I have to go to the dinner party with Mr Hoy, Rita and Gina! For what??!?!?!

Well for an amazing mission trip summer that has come to an end, for thanking God for HIS provision and for asking His protection for those leaving on the tour that will start in just a few days!!.....By the time you read this, the CEO & Friends Tour 2014 will be almost finished!

aaaaaa and speaking about Gina!! Well Iím really thankful to God that Iíve met her and that she worked for us this summer! Without her help I would have been really in a mess. She was a right hand person for me, for Rita for and Mr Hoy!

Working 24/7 is not easy and having her Ďon callí was a real blessing!! So THANK YOU GINA for all the hard work you did for us, for being a blessing to me, to us, to the people that we had this summer! I hope your 3rd year at university will go great and do not forgetÖ.when you need a job, you have one in Smiles.

But in closing, how is it possible for the good things not to come to an end? By giving them to the one that is sovereign OVER US!!!!

And I would like to leave you with this great song from Michael W. Smith that really encouraged me today! Enjoy.

Be blessed my friends and continue to be a blessing wherever you are!

Love Maria

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

Maria & Mioara; ECO x 2; JFL x 2

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