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MariaMiracles in Life
Maria’s Report – March 2012  

If last year my March update was sad, because my grandfather passed away, this year, I’m very very happy to see God’s goodness and love over me personally, my work and my family!!!

God loves me sooo much every day, even if I do not deserve it, but so many times I get used to this and forget really how much HE loves me!!

If you read my February report I told you that my main priority this month was the City Shop approvals and authorisations. I was stressed over it a lot, because this is the “first adventure in the wild city”, on the commercial side, and the paper work we need in order to function are over the top! Lots of bureaucracy, papers, rules……it can drive any person crazy.

At one point I thought that it was IMPOSSIBLE to have the shop opened and finished by March 1st. There was one paper that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get on time. Because our government changed …again….the committee that needs to approve the changes was not in place… they delay everything for the last 2 months!

But last week, on Thursday, we got a phone call: “Your paper was approved!!!! " I
could not stop and I burst into tears….tears of JOY…So the shop is in His Hands…99 % DONE!!

We still have 3 days left (as I write this)….but GOD IS GREAT and I’m sure that EVERYTHING WILL BE IN PLACE!! Please continue to pray for us, we need your prayers.

I had one gentlemen from UK that saw all the work we have to do and the bureaucracy we face and he said: “in UK for a charity shop we do not need to do so much work”….I was thinking to move to UK but I won’t, because I still love Romania and I do not think I can stay away for more than 2 weeks….It keeps my adrenalin high all the time….and I do not get bored.

Last Saturday a big team of people went to the shop to do the “final clean and touch ups”…..A team that we could not do the job without. I would like to say THANK YOU to Mr Nelu, for being sooooooo good at every detail that is on the construction side…He was helped by Sebi, Mr Cornel, Sami, Dacian, and others that made the place ready for us to do the cleaning.

Flavia, Octavia, Simona, Maria, NinaI would like to say THANK YOU to OCTO, SIMONA, NINA, FLAVIA for helping on the cleaning and not only…..they are also working in the office on paper works to make sure things are done.

And last but not least, a great THANK YOU for my faithful colleague DANA HANGA without her,  many of the documents that needed to be done , on time, ready for the grand opening, would not have been done. I’m sooooo happy that she is soooo smart and has sooo many good friends around the City offices!

There are two other people that I would like to say thank you for all their hard work that they did over these two weeks before the opening. During the December mission trip when we said about our dream of the shop, we had two people coming to us saying that if we need them and their help, they will be back in Romania in February to help us sorting, labelling all the clothes that will go in the shop!! So, they came, and they really worked hard each day!! Thank you Trevor and Maude!

And….THANK YOU Sefu, for giving us the extra “kick!!!” that we need when we get blocked ….. and for the reminder that when we trust God, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE….even the opening of a shop, that  needs to have lots of documents done…Thank you for trusting us!

One other great event that was happening this month was the moving of Paul and Ali Jeanes to Romania. I was waiting for this moment for a while and finally they are here!!! I’m amazed with their decision but sooooooooooooooo happy to have them on the team. WELCOME MY DEAR FRIENDS! And THANK YOU for being here. A lot of my pressure is off (or at least moved to you) and the good news is that I won’t have to do cucumbers this year!!!!!!  They tell me we move to a different level…..tomatoes, aubergine and flowers!!! I will let you all know how that goes!

Shop InteriorUntil then, I give them all sorts of things to do…. cleaning the shops, sorting clothes, go shopping for furniture and all this in between their work at the Glasshouse, the Project that they actually moved here for.

These were “the big issues” and my greatest challenges going on in the month of February. Of course, I still had to do my usually job and projects……but that’s the part of the daily routine.

So, don’t you think GOD IS GREAT??!?!?!?!?!

Last Sunday, at Tileagd church, we decided to learn every Sunday a bible verse with the entire church. I was the one that encourage people to learn the verse from Isaiah 41: 10 :
'Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. '

……..yet still I was afraid…..”What if the shop will not be ready?!?! ...  What if we get a fine?!?! .... What if?!?! What if?!?!………

God, please forgive my small faith!
What about you? How many times do you say “I can do it all by myself?”
God is the only one that CAN make all things possible. IF we trust him!

Let’s trust HIM COMPLETELY!!

       Be blessed,


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