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A Letter from Maria's Desk - October 2014

10,000 reason to be THANKFUL to God!!

I love this song! This summer, it was our "mission trip hit". Why? Well, because we serve a God that deserves our thankfulness daily! And in Smiles, there are always lots of reasons why we should be thankful!

I love the lyrics when it says :

"For all Your goodness I will keep on singing;
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find"
" And on that day when my strength is failing
The end draws near and my time has come
Still my soul will sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years and then forevermore"

Let me be more specific on how this past month went in Smiles and what are a few of my reasons that Iím so thankful to God!

I asked you to pray for me this past month with some of the specific work I had to do in various projects such as Tileagd, JFL Phase 2-Salonta, ECO ĖOradea.

How did God respond?

- on September the 1st we started again another academic year. And that was a miracle for me! During this summer I had been faced with the situation of moving the nursery into the Complex in order to save some of the operational costs! But THROUGH FAITH, I pleaded with Mr Hoy to give me one more year and see what was happening!

So, on September 15th when the kids came in the nursery they were soooooooooooo happy !!! They met their new teacherís including lady Monica that has 40 years experience in education and Simida. They saw the work that was done in the classrooms, the new toys and the clean beds and in a few words, were HAPPY TO BE BACK!! All this was possible because of the hard work and the big hearts that our mission trip people showed us this summer.

At the Complex, the school started as well on September 15th. Like in the nursery, we did some renovation in the classrooms by repairing some plaster work, painting and making them look good! Here as well, we have 2 new teachers Diana and Salo and I was amazed to see the "fast bond" between them and the kids!

Geta, Meda, Irina and Lenuta were a great encouragement too. On the "opening day" I had to do a speech for the kids! My intention was to read Psalm 23 and to pray! Once I started reading it, they all (nearly 80kids) started repeating after me! I did not ask them to do so, but because they knew it, they wanted to say it loud! It gave me goose bumps!!! Why?! Because above ALL the things that they learn in the school the most important thing is for them to UNDERSTAND that the LORD IS their SHEP

So please continue to pray for them. For the staff in School and Nursery! And for me! We need it! It is not easy to do the job for more kids and with less money! I wish money not to be the problem, I do not like it, but honestly, I do not need plenty of it because I do not want to worry. I dream of having enough to do the job that we have been called to do. It is hard to be in the position at times to choose where to spend the limited resources when you have an urgent need.

At the moment for example, our 5th to 8th grade are getting bigger and their needs are bigger! More food, more clothes, more books. But at the same time, I have the heating pump on the boiler broken and it is hard to say to the kids, we canít start the heating because the pump is broken! So what to do in this situation!?!?!

Well I tell you what I did! I decided that at this moment in time, for me to buy the pumps will cost nearly £500/$750. Having the extra things needed for the 5th to 8th grade kids will cost me nearly £600/$900. So Iíve made sure that Iíve got their books first, their school bags, their basic things that they need to have them covered for the daily needs. I did not get their "usual new clothes" that I get them at the beginning of each year, but gave them what I found in the warehouse! And now?!?!? Well, now I pray and hope that God will send me the money to get the new heating pumps!!

I do not want to say that the Tileagd project is the most important project in Smiles, because I do not want to upset my colleagues
:) but for me it is one of the most important projects because we try to educate the most uneducated children and help them to have options for a "different" future! It is not easy but it is worth it! So I stop talking here about Tileagd School and Nursery, because otherwise my report will be the longest one ever!

JFL Phase 2
- here as well, GOD IS GOOD!!! The Construction Inspection was done on time. The paper work was all done and the building completed to the stage that we hoped to get to! Now, for a few months, we "take a break"Ö.but not relax!

We still have to meet our financial commitment to the people that helped us to get to this stage (builder contractors and others). But PRAISE BE TO GOD, HE never disappointed us! If you want to read a more detailed updated on this subject, I leave you the link that Mr Hoy wrote on the day that the
inspection was made! THANK YOU very much for being behind us with your prayers, time and money!!!!!!
JFL Report

ECO (Elderly Centre Oradea)
Ė Iím sure you will hear from now on more and more about this project. Either from my colleague Georgi, or Mr Hoy! They have the hard part! Georgi has a lot of interviews going on!!Lots of planning!!!

Mr Hoy has the financial part as his main responsibility and this has to be one of the hardest! Lot of people criticise him and not understand why he took on another project! You might have right, in asking why we took another project on, but for those of you that came to visit us in Romania will remember all the elderly people that are ALONE in their homes waiting to die! For those of you that have not been yet in Romania, what would you do if your dear ones would be left alone and forgotten? So, letís pray for this project too, and trust GOD to once again, perform miracles!

I could go on and on but I will stop here! Iím sure that you also have lots of reasons to be thankful to God!

Iím thankful to God for each of you! For reading my report each month and for
continuing to pray for me and the work of Smiles. For giving up at your time to talk to us, to visit us! And to support all we do with your money!

Thank you for being a friend to SMILES !
Be blessed and continue to be a blessing,

Love Maria

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

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