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A Letter from Maria's Desk - November 2014

Faithful to the end!!!

Are you a "faithful" person?! I like to believe that I am. I know for sure a person that is faithful with us until the end, is GOD!

I love the song from Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir!
I love the verse that says:

He will be faithful to the end
He will provide time and time again
He will be faithful
So faithful to the end
He will be there when all else fades
His love is stronger than my pain
He will be faithful
So faithful to the end

To me on my personal side, the professional side, any side ... God is faithful!! He never leaves me nor forsakes me. This past month, yet again, he showed me His faithfulness through all the things that Iíve done!

I closed my report last month by telling you about the newest project in Smiles, ECO (Elderly Centre Oradea). Well, on October 29th we had the grand opening! It was a special day for me, because through that day I realised yet again that I serve a BIG great God! And when Iím faithful in small things, HE is the one that gives me big things!!

I enjoyed every single moment of getting the place together, from decorating the rooms through to the little details that make the difference. I will not go into details, but if you want to read more, go to Georgiís page, as Iím sure she wrote lots about it this month.

Another big celebration was the one year anniversary of JFL (Joint Facility of Love). Great to see Godís faithfulness in this place too over the year! Even if it was one of the hardest projects for me, particularly on the paper work construction side (due to a difficult complaining neighbour) God is the One that gives victory! So again, for details how the day went, go to Georgiís page!

With so much going on in Salonta and Oradea, you might wonder what Iíll talk about this month. Well guess what? TILEAGD! :)

Last month after my report, I received a message: "Maria - we will pay for your new heating pumps!" Ö I was over the moon and back!! THANK YOU Ö..and because I do not want to give names to the people without their permission, I just want to say again, MAY GOD BLESS YOU!! and THANK YOU!!

Also, because October was a full month with mission trip people I had another surprise in Tileagd. One of the mission groups from Scotland sponsored me in buying a new gas cooker for the Tileagd School. I had problems with the old one for the last year, it was leaking gas! And it was a bit dangerous for the kids, BUT with the help of the people from Scotland, it was possible to get a new one! THANK YOU GUYS very much for it.

You might wonder, whatís next on her list? Is there anything else? :) Well, to be honest with you, I need more help with the monthly operational side to be covered. This is my big wish right now. Through Godís faithfulness, Iím nearly finished with the first semester. Well, 8 weeks to go, so Ė half way!

And because you are close to me and read my reports month by month, I would like to share this with you! Before the beginning of the academic year I was faced with the situation to move the nursery into the complex, to help with the operational budget. I asked for further "endurance" from Mr Hoy and I have faith in God that my basic cost, in order not to do this, will be covered!

The new academic year started as Iíve told you in the last report, AMAZING!!! New people on board and new things going on. IíM REALLY HAPPY AND THANKFUL to GOD that this month was the same. It is really WOW to see the progress there and see people interested in it and wanting to do their best in order for this project not to be changed, or closed, or moved! Iím thankful to GOD and the ENTIRE TEAM there. And to the kids! They are the ones that we all "fight for!". They are the future and for them I will go and ask for help anywhere and everywhere!

If you can be a part of this please do so!!! £5/$10; £10/$15, £20/$30. £100/$150 - it does not matter.

Every little helps towards our monthly budget for Tileagd education of £5,400/$8,100.

To make it easier I give you now the option to "make a small difference right here!!" (I will still be here, sharing news, when you are done :) )


If you did support us, THANK YOU. Now letís continue.

Something new! Something for the future to pray about.

This past week I had the privilege to be involved in a new CRAFT PROJECT which we experimented with the ladies from Tileagd village.

Trish Wildsmith from Liverpool made this dream possible and I found a new hobby!! BUT to be honest with you, it was a real shock even for me to see the ladies in the village, not knowing how to draw a house! I tried to help them, but still the surprise and question is still there. How come? Why?

Well the answer is obvious: because theyíve never been to school! Never managed to do "something on their own"Ö..Now with the help of people like Margaret Biddulph, they know more than they did 10 years ago when Mr Hoy first told Margaret about Tileagd and she then moved in Romania!!

Iím thankful for her and I really pray that once Margaret moves back home to the UK, I will try to find ways to help these ladies and not to stop everything that they have learned! So our new adventure, "painting on canvas" will be my next challenge! PRAY for this and I will be back with news SOON!

So another month has gone by. Just two left and one update this year for 2014. I canít believe it!

Iím thankful to God for each of you that read my reports, sharing them with people, friends and churches. Please continue to do that!

THANK YOU for your overwhelming support! Thank you for your prayers!! Please continue to pray as now Iím getting ready to leave for a visit to America! Yes, youíve heard right! After a busy 10 months, a busy summer and a very busy October, on November 11th me, Mr Hoy and Emilia will go to the USA for a 14 day flying visit!

More than that, we will be attending the ICOM convention in Columbus Ohio!!! PRAY FOR THAT, as for me it is my first experience of such a convention and I would like to share what God does in Romania through Smiles with many many peopleÖ.. Pray for my colleagues back home in Romania as they have a hard timeÖÖ..Winter is coming and the needs are higher than ever!!! Pray for strength and power and wisdom!

And pray for safe travelsÖ my fear of transatlantic flights is worst than ever :( ÖÖ.sooooooo Please PRAY for THAT!!!

I close my report now, but not before asking Godís blessings over you and your family and may you continue to be a blessing to all.

In His service

Love Maria

Maria Hava ,
Director of Operations, Romania

Smiles Elderly Centreís Ė Salonta and Oradea - VIDEO

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