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thankful heart

A Thankful Heart

Mr. Barna is one of the residents who came to our centre because he really had no other option. He is one of our social cases, meaning he has no possibility to cover his cost of care. Together with some help from his sister, he can cover about half the cost.

He was cared for by his older sister, but when she couldn’t do it anymore, the alternative was for him to live on the streets or in a homeless shelter. So, even if he was under the minimum age to be accepted in our centre, we couldn’t refuse him! So, he is a resident in JFL since we opened in 2013.

Mr Barna

When he came, he brought a lot of baggage with him. Not possessions, but problems! He had been substance abusing and his health was deteriorating fast. We managed to save him medically and put him back on his feet. He acknowledges that he is indeed grateful for us giving him the chance to live and to actually enjoy a good life now. Today, he is doing much better and has made friends, he is very helpful around the facility and encouraging to others.

Thank you for making possible these programmes through your support of Smiles that allows us to care for so many people in need and help to improve their life!

Please take five minutes to hear Mr. Barna and receive our thanks for changing his life!

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