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Mission through Medical Care

Medical Mission Dr Jim

Assistance & Support with Medicine, Dental & Optometry : –

Thankfully, we have seen progress in some areas of life in Romania over the past 30 years. Initially, medical care was extremely limited, so Smiles employed two doctors to serve the needs of those we supported. As Community/Family Doctors were more commonly introduced, Smiles moved to more specialist areas, building their own Dental and Optometry facilities to assist thousands of people in need of care. Through connections with hospitals and consultants, Smiles were able to arrange and raise support for surgeries, with many cataract cases undertaken through a leading surgeon in Oradea. With further progress in Romania, all medical facilities became more generally available so now Smiles is able to focus on other aspects of the work, but still able to support medical needs as they arise through the financial and practical support we receive for Medical Care.

We have been priviledged to welcome several doctors and nurses as part of Medical Missions who have served as part of a Mission Trip with Dental, Optometry and General Practice treatment.


Pillar - Missions

The MISSIONS PILLAR and associated projects are under the leadership of Smiles Director – Maria Cimpoca-Hava.Maria

Working within Smiles since 2002, Maria has a heart dedicated to the Smiles ministry and has vast experience of dealing with the issues and demands of managing all the important aspects of people, logistics and finance.

Being personal assistant to the Foundation’s Founder and CEO has also benefited Maria in understanding and sharing the Vision that drives the Foundation forward day by day.