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Outreach through Evangelistic Events


Concerts & Conferences, local, regional or national : –

Currently a dream of our Outreach Director, but Adi is serious about working towards events that can be a powerful evangelistic tool, whether locally, regionally or even nationally in Romania. Both Concerts and Conferences will hopefully be planned with Romanian and International guests and we believe the impact will be significant. Adi will need his Outreach Team at full quota to cover this and the other aspects of the Pillar, but we pray the right people will come and the vision God has given will become a reality.

Outreach PillarAdi Matis

The OUTREACH PILLAR and associated projects are under the leadership of Smiles Assistant Director – Adi Matis.

Working within Smiles since 2009, Adi has a heart dedicated to the Smiles ministry and has gathered great experience in dealing with the issues and demands of managing important aspects of people, logistics and finance.
Being Office Manager at the busy Cihei HQ also provides understanding to share the Vision that drives the Foundation forward day by day.