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Outreach through Church Development and Pastoral Care

Church Development

Church Development and Pastoral Care : –

The Smiles Foundation has planted and established two churches in Romania, serving the needs of the Roma communities in Tileagd and Rapa. The first church opened in 2008 within the Tileagd Community Complex, the final stage of a facility Smiles starting building in 2005. The second church in Rapa opened in 2016. Pastor Vasile pastors the two churches and provides important pastoral care to those in the communities and other projects within Smiles.

… And on this Rock, I will build my Church” says the Lord (Matthew 16 v.18)

Just as the Lord responded to Peter’s confession of faith in Him, so we in the Smiles Foundation pray God will build His Church upon the Rock of the Foundation’s testimony in Jesus Christ – Son of the Living God – Saviour of the World.

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The Tileagd Community Church, began meeting as a group of people to Worship and Fellowship together in June 2006. Initially meeting in a room ‘under construction’ within the Tileagd Community School.  From June 2006, the Church was meeting every two weeks in the library/computer room of the School but through popular demand by January 2007, services had increased to every Sunday morning.

Five baptisms in October 2006 began the official membership of Tileagd Community Church but the Smiles Foundation had always been committed to building the Church’s own facility – a 3,500 sq ft sanctuary. In March 2007, we launched the Church Building Fund appeal and God blessed tremendously with lots of support to Build His Church. So we did!  Completed and officially opened June 8th, 2008 with a wonderful celebration service which included 2 further baptisms at Tileagd Community Church, the ministry was fully launched. We have continued to celebrate Baptisms in Tileagd, with special services in 2010, 2012, 2014 and up to the current day.

Tileagd & Rapa Churches

Every church needs a leader, so we were delighted in March 2014, to appoint Pastor Vasile Sana to minister at the Church and also support other projects within Smiles. He has established a work amongst the community that attend Tileagd Community Church both on Sunday and during the week at prayer and bible study meetings.

Pastor Vasile also ministers through the Outreach Community projects and whenever possible, some from the Homeless community will join us in Tileagd for Worship. Numbers are largely dependent on transport being available for the journey.

Pastor Vasile also ministers at the Smiles Elderly Care Home in Oradea and Tileagd Assisted Living – providing the residents opportunity to worship, study the bible and pray. He will also often be involved with family counselling when love ones die which is not unfamiliar at Nursing Homes. Those mourning, appreciate a Pastor being on hand to listen and support.

Pastor VasilePastor Vasile was also asked to minister to the community in Rapa. An impoverished community Smiles started working with in 2014. Pastor Vasile was very well received in Rapa and many were interested to have him pray with them and share the Gospel.

As a result, 18 people were baptised in Rapa during 2016 and a decision was made to Build a Church as part of a major infrastructural development in the community. The Church was opened on October 9th 2016.

Pastor Vasile is a busy man, serving 2 churches on a Sunday and during the week, plus visits to other projects within the Smiles organisation. There are also a lot of children involved in these communities and our hope is to soon be in a position to employ an assistant for Pastor Vasile who could take a special interest in the Children’s and Community Work within the Outreach Pillar.

With the various ministries so much more stable since Pastor Vasile joined, we truly pray for the means to support an increase to our Outreach Team. This needs God to provide the right people but also for His people to provide the financial support for us to employ and equip the workers.

Please consider what you or your church could do to partner with us in fulfilling the opportunity to reach the lost with the Good News of Christ and make Disciples of those who respond. Thank you.


Outreach PillarAdi Matis

The OUTREACH PILLAR and associated projects are under the leadership of Smiles Assistant Director – Adi Matis.

Working within Smiles since 2009, Adi has a heart dedicated to the Smiles ministry and has gathered great experience in dealing with the issues and demands of managing important aspects of people, logistics and finance.
Being Office Manager at the busy Cihei HQ also provides understanding to share the Vision that drives the Foundation forward day by day.