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Key Staff

Our Key Staff Team

Please pray for all our staff and their various responsibilities.

UK HEADQUARTERS                                     ROMANIAN EXECUTIVE TEAM

Dawn Wilson
Administrator & Personal Assistant to Kevin (CEO)

Dawn has worked for Kevin since 1987 when Kevin was involved in Christian Music Management, and so was with Smiles at its formation. Based at the Leeds office, currently Dawn’s main responsibilities include Mission Trip co-ordination, Donation administration, Office management, Website maintenance,  … but includes anything else that needs to be done!! (For UK and US).
Please contact Dawn with any questions.
UK: 0113-276-5060 (9am – 6pm GMT)
USA: 423-239-9525 (6am – 1pm EST)

Maria Hava
Director of Operations, Romania

Joined Smiles in 2002 as Personal Assistant to CEO Kevin Hoy but quickly established herself as a devoted hard working team member who was passionate to do so much more than was expected. Maria has gone on to become Director of Operations in Romania, a Trustee of the Romanian charity whilst continuing to be PA to the CEO for all the work in Romania.
Please read ‘From Maria’s Desk’. 

Adi Matis
Assistant Director

Joined Smiles in 2009 having been director of a Family Support charity in Oradea. With broad experience and a Masters Degree in Psychology, Adi is part of the Executive Management in Romania, serving with Maria and Georgi under the leadership of the CEO. Adi is active in supporting several projects in the field but takes direct responsibility for Outreach Projects, Emergency Housing and Sponsorship Coordination.
Please read Adi’s Reports.


Ligia Cralic (nee Mitra)
Project Manager in Tileagd

Having qualified as a teacher in Romania, Ligia moved to England to attend Bible College and then worked on staff, supporting students and other aspects of college life. Following her Call back to Romania, Smiles were fortunate to secure her employment in 2015 which quickly moved to a senior management role supporting Georgi our Deputy Director in managing our residential projects. When Smiles opened the Tileagd Assisted Living facility, Ligia took Management responsibility for it and starting September 2018, is providing management support for the Educational Projects in Tileagd, namely the School and Nursery.

Carmen Pop
Facility Manager at ECO Residential Centre

Carmen joined the ECO Team in January 2020 to manage the Elderly Care Facility in Oradea. Having studied medicine, Carmen is now completing a degree in Psychology and was working as Chief Executive of a Professional Training company before accepting the position in Smiles. Managing such a large residential facility comes with many challenges, but we believe Carmen is the right person for the task and excited to have her part of the Smiles team.

Monica Chis-Pop
Director of Smiles Tileagd Nursery

Monica is a young, intelligent and focused person, who has proved a great blessing to the important responsibilities at the Smiles Nursery since joining in 2016. Initially sharing her time between the Nursery facility and the After-School programme for Grades 1-8 Students, we found Monica had even more to offer. The importance of the administrative role at the Nursery in liaison with the State required a focused approach with the time to execute. Monica was the right person. From September 2018 she has become the full-time Director of Nursery with a teaching role each morning. A perfect combination.

Mioara Cuciula
Social Worker at Elderly Care Centre, Oradea

Started working with Smiles in 2006 as a volunteer in the Children’s Hospital, before she had even finished her Social Work degree. Mioara continued work once qualified as a Social Worker for Family Care and then took primary responsible for our Children’s Centre for Abandoned, Neglected and Abused children. She then went on to pioneer our trial stage of Elderly Care in Cihei with 11 residents but now assumes all Social Work duties for the largest of our residential centres, ECO in the city of Oradea.

Rebeca Mariscas
Social Worker at Joint Facility of Love, Salonta

The youngest of our Social Workers but a wonderfully gifted and committed team member at the Joint Facility of Love (JFL) in Salonta. She joined Smiles in 2013 and has grown with the project through Phase 1 of Elderly Care and on into Phase 2 with specialist Dementia and Disability support. Devoted to her task and always wearing a smile, Rebeca is loved by all our residents and visitors at the Salonta centre.

Diana Caba
Social Worker for Tileagd Assisted Living

Diana is a young lady, passionate about people and music. Having been raised in a wonderful Christian family she has a strong desire to serve God and share His love with vulnerable people. Since a young age Diana had a heart for people in need, working as a volunteer for various social projects in Oradea and now she is fully qualified as a social worker, she is very eager to learn and serve. We are blessed to have her in our Smiles team serving the elderly at our Facility in Tileagd.

Dr Diana Dragus
Medical Doctor for ECO and TAL

Dr Diana has wonderfully served Smiles Residential Facilities since 2014 when we opened ECO in Oradea. For 5 years she has served the medical needs of all three facilities with Salonta and Tileagd added to her responsibilities in Oradea. Having 12 nurses under her management, Diana’s schedule was very demanding through the working day visiting all three facilities but well into the evening and night-time as she made herself available 24/7, demonstrating the total professional she is. We have been delighted to appoint Dr Timothy to now share the responsibilities by taking on Salonta JFL.

Dr Timothy Kurniawan
Medical Doctor for JFL

Dr Timothy is originally from Indonesia but studied medicine in English and met his wife in Romania, where is now lives and works speaking all his languages fluently. Dr Timothy joined Smiles in January 2020 to serve the needs in Salonta at our Joint Facility of Love residential facility. In addition to his love for people and medicine, Dr Timothy enjoys being part of the Worship Band at his home church in Oradea. We are thrilled to have an additional doctor on staff to assist Dr Diana and serve the specific interests at JFL.

Ioana Tamas
Social Worker at Gepiu

A Social Worker with a huge heart for those she works with. Appointed to be responsible for the Gepiu Community Centre in 2013 her special gift is building strong relationships with the children who attend the centre, largely from difficult families and therefore come to us with huge needs. Ioana always has time for them and provides after-school support as well as being a mentor in important areas of life for each child to benefit from.

Pastor Vasile
Pastor to Tileagd & Rapa Churches, Pastoral Care to All Projects

Joined Smiles in 2014 as pastor for Tileagd Community Church. He quickly moved into providing pastoral support in other projects, notably Elderly Care Oradea, Homeless project and at the Rapa community. Since the Church was opened in Rapa, Pastor Vasile shares his time primarily between Tileagd and Rapa with a weekly visit when possible to the other projects.

Ioan Has
Construction and Maintenance Manager

Ioan joined Smiles in 2011 as a Maintenance Manager for the Glasshouse project in Arpasel. Discovering his greater talents and all-round ability in Construction, Ioan has gone on to serve through a variety of Projects with significant construction and finishing work at JFL Salonta, Rapa, Tileagd Assisted Living and the Dezna Outreach Facility. Skilled in many areas and dedicated to the task as Ioan sees all his work dedicated to God, he now serves across the range of Smiles Projects in Construction and Maintenance and we are delighted to have such talent available day by day.

Dan Iancu
Romanian Website

Many will know Dan through his work at the Gepiu Community Centre, but Dan’s main responsibility within Smiles is the management of our Romanian Website and Social Media platforms. He has been working with Smiles since 2008 and loves to interact with the Gepiu kids and the many visitors we have year round through Mission Trips. If you don’t know Dan, he’ll be the one with a camera in his hand which is always useful when pictures are needed for the promotional material he works on.

Cornel Hava
Media and Cihei Site Management

Having worked in TV News filming, Cornel was a great addition to the Smiles team in 2013 where he began developing our Media department with photography and video production. This has greatly enhanced our promotional abilities and provides wonderful video memories for our visiting Mission teams. Cornel also manages the Cihei Site being responsible for the Security team and several of our vehicle needs as transport manager.

Nina Florea
Group Management Accountant to Smiles and SMINRO

After graduating in Management from Emanuel University in Oradea, Nina had a long spell working in Spain. She originally joined Smiles in 2009 working at the Leeds HQ in England on UK Accounts and Sponsorship administration. She returned to Romania to assist at the Mission Centre and ultimately into Financial Accounting at the Cihei office. Now Nina directly assists the CEO as Management Accountant for all Smiles and Sminro finances.

Corina Nemtut
Group Financial Accountant to Smiles and SMINRO

Joined Smiles in 2005 as Financial Accountant at Romanian HQ in Cihei. Corina recently added Financial Accounting for Sminro to her responsibilities and works closely with Nina to provide cover for all accounting work within the Organisation. Her long and dedicated service provides a great grasp of the operational procedures which makes Corina a very important and trusted member of the team, covering finance, administration and legal responsibilities.


Simona Tosity
Project Manager for Sminro srl

A Management graduate who worked in commerce before coming to Smiles in 2011 to head up the new Enterprise Initiative ‘Sminro’. Over the years, Simona has worked hard to understand the inner workings of each area of the business – Farm, Glasshouse and Retail. With belief in a huge potential for business development in Romania, Simona has given tremendous commitment and hard work to realise that potential which we are really now beginning to see and the results will support the work of Smiles very significantly in the years ahead.

Dani Faur
Sminro srl

A young man who joined Sminro in 2013 after we built the Glasshouse. Dani learned fast and worked hard and now carries responsibility for the day to day operations and leads the small team based at the Arpasel site. Always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is needed has been an important quality in Dani’s success.

Teri Pop
Glasshouse Associate

Teri has been with Sminro since we opened the Glasshouse in 2011 and has proven to be one of the hardest workers available. Sometimes Teri gives the impression of working like a machine – doesn’t slow down, doesn’t take a break – just head down and focused on completing the task. Her output is remarkable, and we are fortunate to have such a hard-working associate in the Glasshouse when at times the extreme pressure of meeting delivery deadlines, can challenge the best of us. Teri is a hidden asset as her style is to just get on with the task and to hear very little from here through the day.