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Residential Pillar

Residential Pillar

The RESIDENTIAL PILLAR and our entire Facilities are overseen by the Smiles Executive Management team – Kevin, Maria, Adi and Simona

The rapid and substantial development of Smiles Residential Care since 2010, has created a significant project with an annual budget in excess of £650,000 / $845,000 so a team effort is required supported by a tremendously dedicated team of Managers and Social Assistants in each facility, all dedicated to the Smiles ministry. It all began with a small trial project with 8 Residents at our Cihei HQ. Eight, soon became eleven and the need for bigger and better facilities was obvious, so plans began!

Games at JFL

JFL – Joint Facility of Love

Joint Facility of Love – Salonta : – In September 2010 – land was purchased in Salonta with the intention to build a Care Home – a facility with some very special and specific objectives. The plans were huge and with a capital budget of nearly £1 million, (over $1.3 million) the project was split in two – Phase One, an Elderly Care Home, to be followed by Phase Two, a Disability Centre – caring for residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as Daytime Facilities for those with Down Syndrome, Autism and other such challenges. Through God’s goodness and Smiles...
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ECO – Elderly Care, Oradea

Elderly Care Centre – Oradea : – The reputation of Smiles providing excellent Elderly Care soon spread, especially in a society were Residential Care Homes were a newer concept and a little against the cultural grain of Romania. However, in 2014, the Smiles Foundation was approached by the Mayor of Oradea to consider taking on the Management of a City Facility that had just completed a 1 million euro refurbishment and was designed to provide medical care or similar services. The option was put out to tender and Smiles submitted the winning proposal of a Residential Elderly Care Home with...
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Tileagd Assisted Living

TAL – Tileagd Assisted Living

Tileagd Assisted Living – Tileagd : – One of the most serious challenges we found operating our two Facilities in Salonta and Oradea, was the limitation on who could benefit from the services. Being registered at ‘Elderly Care Homes’ meant no one under 65 years of age was allowed by law to become a resident. We were being faced with many distressing situations of people and families needing help with younger members, whether due to ‘early dementia’, stroke, amputation of limbs and other challenges that meant assistant with daily life was crucially important. When we decided in 2016 to transform...
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SHC – Sunset House Cihei

SHC – Cihei : – The Smiles Foundation is always looking forward and with the City Contract for ECO being a 10-year term, we believe it is wise to consider our own City based facility by 2024. We are therefore considering a state-of-the-art newly built facility in Cihei for a 50-bed Residential Care Home, combining all the benefits of the three facilities we already operate, under one roof. The demand for Elderly Care is growing at such pace in Romania, that even if the contract on ECO is renewed, from our experience, demand always outstrips supply, so a new facility...
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Care at Home

CAH – Care at Home

Care at Home : – In addition to looking forward, Smiles is always looking at need, and how we can serve that need in a loving way, to demonstrate and share the Love of God. We have seen through our work with families in the community, great need for the elderly and disabled needing support in all aspects of life. Perhaps a visit and chat to overcome loneliness. Perhaps help with shopping, cleaning, making a fire or medical needs of prescription fulfilment or changing dressings. Many elderly and disabled people, living alone, struggle with these aspects of life everyone faces....
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