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Mission Through Visitors



For over 20 years, organising first class Mission Trips has provided opportunity for people to see the work of Smiles up close and engage supporters with beneficiaries in a special way. Thousands of people have experienced the Hands-On nature of mission trips with Smiles. Building, Painting, Gardening as well as Food Preparation and Distribution to families in need. Mission teams are crucial to enable the Programmes to function to their full potential, especially in the Outreach work with Children and Communities.


Mission Trips Heading

A Mission Trip with The Smiles Foundation is an experience of a life-time and different to any other mission trip you will have been on. If you’ve never been on a Mission Trip then they come no better than with Smiles in Romania.

Smiles Mission Trips are about a Hands-On experience. Using your gifts to impact the lives of others through Mission and Outreach, Smiles endeavours to impact family life in the best way possible.

Much of the Foundation’s work in Romania is concerned with the support of vulnerable groups whether communities, families or individuals. With an extensive committed staff on the ground in Romania, supported by office staff from the United Kingdom and America, Smiles in Romania can provide an outstanding organisational structure for the Mission Trip experience.

Take a watch of our short video to see some of the projects you can be involved in, and messages from those who have already been. 

Selecting an area of work can be difficult with so many wonderful opportunities coming from every aspect of our projects. On a Smiles Mission Trip, you can select a different task every day, or stick to one the entire trip. (See below).

Many on Mission Trips will share the Gospel as this is our primary focus through the Outreach Pillar of Smiles. Whether through visiting family’s day by day or being involved with more organised outreach specifically arranged during many of our trips. The COP’s (Children’s Outreach Program) uses Drama, Puppets, and Music to communicate our God of Love through outreach activities.

Whatever your personal reason for joining a Mission Trip might be, when on a Smiles Mission Trip you need to have:

A desire to share the love of God in practical ways, working as the hands and feet of Christ and have a willingness to help raise awareness and financial support for the projects run by The Smiles Foundation, 365 days a year, supporting Missions, Outreach, Residential and Enterprise in a variety of ways.

Sharing Love, Hope and Faith is the core objective of the Smiles Foundation and all those on Mission Trips.
Whilst a strong aspect of all our Mission Trips is providing humanitarian help, we unquestionably use our Visits and Activities as the basis for building a relationship of trust and deep friendship with those we meet, thereby capable of providing a platform to share the important truths of the Gospel which is paramount to the Foundation’s operation.

If you are ready for an experience that will ‘Change Your Life’ and many others in a matter of days, then a Smiles Mission Trip to Romania is the answer.

Use your hands, your head and your heart by sharing the Love of Christ in a practical, meaningful way with the people of Romania. Whatever your gifts or interests, a Smiles Hands-On Mission Experience will challenge you in service, sharing and sacrifice for others.

Mission Projects

Community Outreach: Assisting families in need, the Homeless and Communities suffering from poverty, prejudice and hardship. Preparing, Serving and Sharing at Elderly Luncheons. Mission trips are a great support to the Romanian team as you assist with all that’s required in a ‘day out with Smiles’.

Construction: Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Plasterers, Joiners and Painters – Skilled and general hard workers always needed for the constant building, renovation and maintenance work needed on Houses and Homes of the families we support.

Educational Involvement: Through the Tileagd Nursery (kids 3-6), and various after-school programmes at Gepiu, Rapa and Tileagd.

Mission Projects

Elderly Care: Visiting our residential homes in Salonta, Oradea and Tileagd will make the residents feel so very special. Projects in Gepiu and Tileagd also regularly provide Senior Luncheons for you to help prepare and serve for the elderly.

Outreach Work / COPs (Children’s Outreach Programmes): Summer School, Holiday Bible Club & VBS’s are arranged during most Trips providing great opportunities to reach many children with the Gospel. A love for children – a gift with art, craft or music – Smiles Children’s Outreach is a great channel for your gift to be used.

Practical Assistance: With our Enterprise Initiative at the Glasshouse, your help is directly contributing to our Self-Sustainability effort within Romania. .

A Smiles Hands On Mission Experience provides something for everyone, whatever your interest or gift. The Smiles Foundation arrange Trips to change lives, starting with YOU, in the Name of Christ!

Various aspects of a Mission trip tend to scare people into not going! Such as the living conditions of your stay – the food – the water – the safety.
The Smiles Foundation can reassure you on all levels.

We have our own Mission Accommodation facility – beautifully decorated bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room and recreation area fully equipped with pool table, media centre and snack bar. Our own staff caring for you from the kitchen with good quality food – housekeeping for clean and safe rooms and a maintenance and management team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Especially your trip!

Mission Centre

You can be assured Kevin and his entire team will do everything within their ability to make your trip a happy and blessed experience. Write or call us today. We’ll send you the details you need to ensure your opportunity to serve God in Romania is secure. It’s about ‘Changing Lives’

Join us for any one of the many trips arranged each year.
Personal trips and Family trips – Church group, Youth group, Singles or Music Group.

A Mission Trip to Romania will contribute as much to your own ministry and Christian life, as it will deepen the Christian experience for those you share with.

Come with a Smiles Mission Trip or Arrange your own! In addition to Smiles Trips, the fully staffed Mission Facility is available through-out the year.

What to do next? How can we help? 

Telephone or E-mail for further information on all trips.
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Pillar - Missions

MISSIONS PILLAR and associated projects are under the leadership of Smiles Director – Maria Cimpoca-Hava.Maria

Working within Smiles since 2002, Maria has a heart dedicated to the Smiles ministry and has vast experience of dealing with the issues and demands of managing all the important aspects of people, logistics and finance.

Being personal assistant to the Foundation’s Founder and CEO has also benefited Maria in understanding and sharing the Vision that drives the Foundation forward day by day.