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Maria’s Shopping List!

Can you help with a financial gift towards urgently needed hygiene and cleaning products? Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the ability to plan the Container that normally comes from Northern Ireland and was scheduled in September/October – cannot currently be planned. This would normally have on board urgent supplies for our projects to use over the...
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Jean’s 70 Miles in 7 Days

I have been a supporter of The Smiles Foundation for many years and have watched it change many lives in Romania amongst the poorest people. This year has been very difficult financially as many of the fund raising events have not gone ahead due to Covid19. I thought since I celebrated a significant birthday this...
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Liz’s Mask Making…

Liz Houstoun has been making Face Masks which are very topical right now, but also in great demand, especially attractive ones with some colour and design. Liz has raised over £200 so far, which is wonderful for Smiles. I’m sure if you want a trendy Face Mask, we can take orders through the Smiles Office!
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