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Outreach through Community

Elderly Lunch

Family Support, Elderly Lunches and other programmes : –

Since the formation of Smiles, Outreach has been at the heart of every activity, but that is now emphasised more than ever, by incorporating popular programs such as Family Care, Homeless and Elderly Lunches into our ‘Outreach through Community’ work. As we expand our Outreach Team, so we will be able to increase our penetration into more communities, meeting their physical, social and educational needs while focusing on their Spiritual Needs, so that people can see only God is their ultimate answer to all the issues we and they face in this life.

Adi is excited to see much loved projects from past years such as Family Care, Homeless and Elderly Lunches will now be developed through Outreach opportunities in the community.

We will be endeavouring to arrange many additional events during our Mission Trips so that visiting mission teams can assist us with preparation and execution.

Community events such as a BBQ / Sports Day / Concert / Mothers & Babes – will always ensure that during the programme, the Gospel will be clearly presented.

Although much of Smiles Work in the past has been involved with Social programmes, we want to see a lot more direct outreach made possible through the strong relationships we have established over the years with many communities in Bihor County.

Your support will enable us to make plans. Please help if you can.

Outreach PillarAdi Matis

The OUTREACH PILLAR and associated projects are under the leadership of Smiles Assistant Director – Adi Matis.

Working within Smiles since 2009, Adi has a heart dedicated to the Smiles ministry and has gathered great experience in dealing with the issues and demands of managing important aspects of people, logistics and finance.
Being Office Manager at the busy Cihei HQ also provides understanding to share the Vision that drives the Foundation forward day by day.