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JFL – Joint Facility of Love

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Joint Facility of Love – Salonta : –

In September 2010 – land was purchased in Salonta with the intention to build a Care Home – a facility with some very special and specific objectives. The plans were huge and with a capital budget of nearly £1 million, (over $1.3 million) the project was split in two – Phase One, an Elderly Care Home, to be followed by Phase Two, a Disability Centre – caring for residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as Daytime Facilities for those with Down Syndrome, Autism and other such challenges.

Through God’s goodness and Smiles Donor generosity, Phase One with 30 beds opened in October 2013. Phase Two with up to 15 beds opened in April 2016. Weekly meetings also began at the Day Centre, which were greatly appreciated by local families living with the demands of disabled members.

Through well established projects over the years, support of the old and frail, the sick and vulnerable was a clear need in society and Smiles wanted to help.

In 2010, Smiles purchased land in the heart of Salonta, to be home for the Joint Facility of Love. Construction began spring 2011 and Phase One, the Doris Elderly Care Centre, was opened in October 2013.

This beautiful Care Home provides each room with an en-suite wet-room. We have a communal lounge, dining room, TV room, Conservatory Sun-Room, all decorated beautifully to make the facility feel very much like ‘home’.

The two-storey building with elevator, provides excellent accommodation for 30 residents. Currently, Carmen Pop, also manager of the Elderly Care Oradea (ECO) facility is responsible for management, and assisted on site by Social Assistant, Andrea Borszéki, trained by Ioana Tamas.

The facility has specialist trained loving staff to provide quality supervision and care to the highest standard possible. Operating costs of the Home are, as you might imagine, very high as the standard and care required for the resident demands both social and medical support which doesn’t come cheap.

Please consider supporting the running costs with a monthly donation or special Fund-Raiser. Every contribution makes a huge difference to an elderly resident in need of help.

A snippet of history:
The Smiles Foundation is recognised as a leading Charity in Romania with substantial investment for infrastructural development since 2002. Now with more than 100 Romanian nationals employed within all the significant and varied projects, the work is affecting and impacting entire communities across Bihor County, in North West Romania.

When the opportunity arose in summer of 2010 to purchase a suitable site in the centre of Salonta, Smiles moved quickly to secure it, purchasing in September 2010 for £300,000 ($450,000).

In April 2011 construction started on Phase One for the Elderly Care Home and was completed and opened in October 2013 at an additional cost of £350,000 ($525,000).

In Spring 2014, Smiles started work on Phase Two – the Disability Centre specialising in residential care for Dementia and Alzheimer, plus Day Care for disabled children in need of support and stimulation activities. The total cost for Phase 2 was £325,000 ($487,500) which included a state-of-the-art Sensory Room, Hydrotherapy Pool and Computer Activity Room. Everything was complete and the Grand Opening Ceremony was celebrated in April 2016.

The Joint Facility of Love was another ‘God Sized Challenge’ with a total investment close on £1million ($1.3 million). Many very special people have been involved to help with raising funds for this wonderful facility and we thank all for the amazing results.

Residential Pillar

The RESIDENTIAL PILLAR and our entire Facilities are overseen by the Smiles Executive Management team – Kevin, Maria, Adi and Simona

The rapid and substantial development of Smiles Residential Care since 2010, has created a significant project with an annual budget in excess of £650,000 / $845,000 so a team effort is required supported by a tremendously dedicated team of Managers and Social Assistants, in each facility all dedicated to the Smiles ministry. It all began with a small trial project with 8 Residents at our Cihei HQ. Eight, soon became eleven and the need for bigger and better facilities was obvious, so plans began!