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Mission Trip Budget Plan

Mission Trip Budget PlanRomanian Map

The Smiles Foundation offers an interest free Budget Plan to help with Mission Trip payments to be sure that anyone who wants to come on a Mission Trip is able to. When you sign up for the Budget Plan and you can then book your trip on any of our planned dates (subject to availability). You must sign up at least 3 months prior to your trip and commit to the 12 monthly payments as from that date.

Mission Trip Budget Plan Summary …

  1. Budget Plan runs for 12 months, from the date of booking.
  2. Various payment options to be confirmed by arrangement.
  3. A Trip should be booked at least 3 months in advance or as soon as possible to ensure availability of preferred dates.
  4. Undertaking of booking Flights first reasonable choice will be offered, but individual will have option to pay any extra for their preferred choice, if available.
  5. Budget Plan based on Dorm Room occupation, but additional supplement can be paid for Single or Twin rooms if desired and available.

For further information please read below, or to request the Budget Plan details including a form please contact:

A Message from our Founder!Kevin Hoy

Kevin Hoy, Chief Executive of Smiles, says, “Because I passionately believe in the importance and value to be gained in our Christian life from experiencing the right Mission Trip, I want to do all I can to provide that opportunity for more people.”

Having personally first experienced a Mission Trip more than 20 years ago, there is no doubt the impact the opportunity had on my own life in :-

Firstly, being obedient to God who says “Go into all the World.”
Secondly, to be His Hands and Feet in the World.
Thirdly, to draw closer to God through Service as we seek to serve others for God.

I believe everyone should take a Mission Trip and once they do, they will no doubt want to do another and another. When I decided in 2003 to develop Mission Trip Experiences to Romania with the Smiles Foundation, I didn’t realise more than 1,000 people would make the trip to see the work ‘first hand’ and even more important, get involved! The positive comments from Mission Trip visitors over the years has been a wonderful encouragement to us in Smiles, knowing that Mission Trips are greatly appreciated by everyone and the majority have indeed been back again and again.

One issue I hear that concerns me from those who don’t make the trip, is people being unable to commit to a Mission Trip due to the Cash required 6-8 weeks before departure and sometimes the air ticket months in advance.

a Problem …

Having thought about this I came to realise the problem is quite simply ‘not preparing’ ourselves for a trip. Basically ‘not budgeting’ and that then often makes the trip impossible when the time comes to pay for the trip that people so much want to do!

Important things in life need budgeting for. We’re all accustomed to budgeting. Each month we budget our house payment, our car payment and many more important expenses – so why not a Mission Trip budget, especially if it can be monthly!

If a Mission Trip Experience is as important and valuable as I believe it is – we should budget for it. To be sure we can do it!!

a Solution …

I therefore have an offer to provide a Monthly Budget Plan for those wanting to take a Mission Trip to Romania with the Smiles Foundation.

When you sign up for the Budget Plan, you can then book your trip on any of our planned dates (subject to availability). You must sign up at least 3 months prior to your trip and commit to the 12 monthly payments as from that date.

a Challenge …and an Offer…

In closing, one challenge I would put out for consideration by churches to join me in encouraging more Mission Trips by their members who have never been on a Smiles Trip.

If the Church budgets for a minimum of two people to undertake their first Mission Trip with Smiles, Smiles will provide one FREE place for the Minister or an Elder/Deacon to spend a week in Romania on the trip. Only the airfare is paid by the FREE place visitor.