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A Thankful Heart – Ioan Faina

Ioan FainaIoan Faina is 87 years old and he was born in Cehei, a little town in Salaj County, Romania.

It is a very nice place and Ioan is very fond of it, all the time he is ready to tell stories about his childhood and the many adventures he had on the banks of the Crasna river.

Ioan has been through a lot, but not all were bad things. He had the chance to travel extensively during the last years of the communist era, as he was an architect and it appears quite a good one and well appreciated. He also visited America and because he’s such a good poet, he has many poems about America.

He is widower since 1999 and even though he has a son, it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. The son has lived in Israel for more than 30 years. Ioan also had a daughter who unfortunately passed away a while ago. So, not much of a family left, but his sister and niece do come and visit him occasionally.

Mr. Faina first came to the JFL Centre in April 2016, asking for our help, because he had just been diagnosed with dementia. At that time he used to live alone in his apartment in Oradea and he couldn’t take care of himself anymore. Together with his son they took the decision that is better for him to be cared for in a proper nursing home and Smiles JFL Centre was their first choice, as they had heard only good things about it.

Ioan Faina at JFL
He was received in May 2016 at JFL and since then he received support through the daily activities and services as he needs. Ioan does enjoy being together with others, he loves to recite poems and he will be very glad to talk to you about… everything.

He also likes to be actively involved in gardening, as well as in our religious programmes.

Please watch the video message from our featured Thankful Heart:

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