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A Thankful Heart – Mia

Lady Mia is one of our long-time residents at our JFL Centre in Salonta. We have known her for many years and through many ups and downs we’ve been close to her and we have become, as it is the case with many other residents, her family in the most complete sense.

She was never married and her whole life seemed to have been affected by this, especially when her health declined significantly in the last years and she did not have anyone close to be of support.

With our support, and of course through God’s Grace, she found new friends in JFL and most important, she understood God’s plan for her. Being able to help someone else made her feel important and appreciated and that gave Mia happiness and fulfillment. These issues are so important! And having found people who understood her and helped her, brought the smile back to her face.

Life is full of challenges, particularly with the age. Mia has all the attention and care she needs, but of course many of the problems require more than that. She does not have enough resources to cover her medical treatment as sadly one of her key sponsors stopped supporting her last year, so as to support a different cause for which she had become vice-president.

Now, even the accommodation costs are not covered each month, so your support is essential for Mia and many others, to be properly taken care of. Please consider if you could help support Mia as we haven’t even wanted to tell her the sponsor stopped as it would likely cause Mia great distress. Thank you for making this possible!

Please take three minutes to watch our short interview with Mia and feel free to check on more details about our work with the Elderly, as there is indeed a great need for proper support services in this area! Many blessings!

Please watch the video from our featured Thankful Heart – Mia


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