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Thankful Heart

A Thankful Heart – Mr Moise

Mr. Moise is one of the miracles that we have at our Joint Facility of Love.

He came to the centre just over a year ago, on June 2nd 2016.

In 2009 he had a stroke and was a big challenge for him. Sadly, his wife passed away in March 2016, an event that also marked his life. Under these circumstances, Mr Moise and his son asked for help, needing permanent care and supervision. In the first day, when he came in the centre, he was very depressed and couldn’t get up from the bed because of his medical situation.Mr Moise

In these 12 months he has progressed a lot, physically, psychologically and spiritually. He started physiotherapy and he still does, so now he can walk with help. Also, he became more active socially, involving himself in a lot of activities organised at the centre.

He is a wise man and a lot of teenage volunteers spend time with him, talking, playing different games, reading for him and asking for advice. He also likes singing and the spiritual programmes we organise.

Praise the Lord for His great power to change life!

Please watch the Video Message from our featured Thankful Heart:

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