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Adi Matis – Thankful Hearts a great journey!

Thankful Hearts – a great journey!

Back in 2012 we edited a great little book which marked the Anniversary of 10 years since The Smiles Foundation was established in Romania as an official organisation, under its Romanian name – Asociatia Smiles. It was called “A Thankful Heart”, as this was indeed the best description of our appreciation for God’s provision all along.

Then, last year we felt the same title will serve best for the series of interviews whereby people we help in various projects will testify, in five minutes, how God changed their circumstances, through the support they receive from us. It only made sense then to use “Thankful Hearts” name also for our latest album, which is officially released today! This also is to mark 20 years since Smiles Club was established to raise support for the charitable work in Romania and other places.Smiles Team Recording

The first album that Smiles Team released in 2015, “HOME in Romania” was an amazing adventure, as it was our first attempt to put together a collection of songs in such a format. We were encouraged to do this as the fellowship evenings we often have with Mission Trip visitors seems to be appreciated and also we really enjoy singing and praising our Lord. It was all well received especially during UK Tours we had in 2015 and 2016, as well as Mission Trip seasons, it represented a nice opportunity to promote our work in Romania.

Having the experience of a first, a second must soon follow! This is a principle we
could not ignore, so we decided that another album should be released this year. Given there are so many amazing worship songs out there, we thought it is worth sharing some of them with our friends, so in the end the only real problem was to select those that will represent the best what we want to express – the appreciation for so many blessings we’ve received in order to bless others. Because in the end, that is the whole point: everything we do is meant to support people in need and help them understand how much God loves them and cares for their lives.

“Thankful Hearts” is available now for you to buy and as you know, this also represent a form of how you can support our projects. I am sure you will enjoy the music on it just as much as we enjoyed producing the album. The songs are of many genres, from many well-known authors, they all carry a great message and above all, as the last one says “Thank You Lord” that is what the whole story is about: there’s a great desire to thank God for surrounding us with His amazing love and compassion, of which we want to let everybody know! And this comes from many thankful hearts, not only from Smiles Team, but for hundreds and thousands of beneficiaries that acknowledge how wonderful God’s work is for each one of them.

I am very happy and excited to have been able to contribute, as many of my colleagues, to this project that is now ready to be shared with you all. I have to say, I was very proud of the first CD album when it came out, but I am thrilled about what this new one is! A great deal of passion and commitment was invested, but we did it all with great joy! And I can only wish that you will get the same joy when listening to it! I encourage you to order the CD, to listen to it and why not, decide to get more, as surely you have friends who might be equally interested to listen and they’d appreciate a nice gift. Don’t forget, we have a special offer which stands permanently: one CD for a 10 pounds, but for twenty you can get two! Remember? The best deal you can come across, ever! Some would call this a “Romanian” deal! I wonder why…Thankful Hearts CD Cover

“Thankful Hearts” is a praise to our God, not only from us, members of Smiles team, but from so many others. In the same way, on many people’s behalf, I will say thank you to you, all the supporters and friends who embraced our vision and decided to join us in doing good! A great journey that started many years ago, but still continues today and will continue for as long as God‘s plans to raise people up and change their hearts will drive us all! Thank you and as always, feel free to drop an email to me, I will gladly answer and keep you up to date with everything about Smiles work here in Romania.

Many blessings from God!

Adrian Matis
Assistant Director of Smiles Foundation Romania

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