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Adi Matis

Adi Matis – Reasons to be happy ….

“Are you a happy person?”

Often we hear this question but sometimes we do not hear it but we know it is in people’s mind, ours too!
A happy person is a pleasant person. We all enjoy the interaction with pleasant people of course, but nothing is good and nice all the time. Sometimes, due to various problems, frustrations, misunderstandings or simply bad weather, we are less happy or have to deal with people that are less happy and so – less pleasant. This is life.

Still, it’s worth seeing what ways are there to be happy, content and grateful, so that interaction with those around us is a nicer experience. After all, perhaps being happy will actually prove to be an interior decision rather than dependant on an exterior situation.
No two people are the same, although I read somewhere recently that there are another five people just like you on the Earth. This is what statistics say. Even more, it seems there are chances you’ll meet one of them one day.
Anyway, I was thinking, if there are other people “twins” to me, how they might be? Where would they live? Are they more optimistic? Are they taller? Brown eyes? Richer? Have better cars? But all the possible questions come down to one very important question: Are they happier than me?

Obviously, this would be a shallow approach. Selfish even. I guess it would be more appropriate to ask myself are they more committed to a good cause? Are they more hardworking? Would they be a better example as a Christian?

But still I wonder, are they happier than me?

And then I was reminded how happiness is not the goal, but the road to it. The mountain peak is great, but the walk to it is also wonderful. All the wise quotes that tell you how happiness should be a way forward, not an end achievement – they are all correct. Right? But is that even possible? How could we put on a mind-set that will actually prevent the forever going in pursuit of happiness?

A long introduction to say that being happy, I think, is a matter of opening our eyes to see the many reasons we have to actually be happy. The Bible says a grateful heart is a happy heart. A thankful person is a happy person. And we all have reasons to be happy, to the point that being unhappy is a choice we make. Sure, difficulties in life could turn one to become bitter and harsh, but I guess they also present opportunities to appreciate the blessings we have.Rapa and kids
Thinking of people Smiles help in our projects, they have reasons to be happy. People of Rapa have been blessed wonderfully with so much – it is now a matter of them choosing to see it and to be grateful to God, happy with their new situation. Other families that have been supported through the Family Care project… Children who can go to school, their parents; Homeless people who have a shelter at night; Elderly who are not alone anymore and have someone who is always close to care for them; disabled people who have friends to bring some joy in their lives. And so on – so many reasons to be happy.

As workers in Smiles, we should be happy to have the opportunities to serve, to make a difference through our efforts. As parents, we should be happy for our children. As Christians, we have the chance to influence people for what is best eternally! Project photos
I felt I should share these thoughts with you. And I am happy about it!

It really is about what we see first. A glass half empty or half full. A black zebra with white stripes or other way round… I just hope and pray that we are all ready to put on the “happiness glasses”. No matter if reality is sometimes tough it should not steal our happiness.

In the Bible we also read about keeping peace in our hearts – I think it is about the same thing really. It is in my power and in your power, to see the reasons why we should be happy and therefore… be happy!

So, I will encourage you and myself equally, to live every day having a good, clean heart, grateful and loving, honouring our God and being thankful for all things! This will make you and keep you, and me, happy!

Now that I told you the recipe, feel free to drop an email to me! Thank you for being a friend of Smiles and for bringing reasons for people to be happy!

Adrian Matis

Assistant Director of Smiles Foundation Romania


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