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From Adi, Director of Outreach, February 2021

The Outreach Pillar Support: 

As most of you will know by now, from watching and reading the updates, starting this January we have introduced and launched the Pillars-based new Structure of Smiles projects. This is something fresh and exciting – hopefully also easier to follow as far as activities goes. The Outreach Pillar is now incorporating many of the programmes we have run for years, as well as new ones which will increase even more the impact we have on people. This month we invite you to join us in several sessions on-line that aim to raise awareness and support for this Pillar.

I was saying in my previous report, that bringing together a number of new ideas for the future and programmes that you would know well, many having run for a good number of years under Smiles, has a two-folded purpose – to make our work more efficient and to actually help people to understand God’s will for them and His ways even better, which should then encourage them to have different understanding and approach to life in general.

For this, we want to be able to continue providing support as well as put together various outreach events and programmes, and these all require resources of many kinds.

We need good people to join the Smiles’ team, and by “good” I mean people with the heart in the right place, with appropriate skills and abilities and with the vision of enlarging the Kingdom. We had good people before, we have good people now and we just need even more of them to join in the future, because there is plenty to do and the reward of God makes it so worthy! And whilst I am very confident they are out there and we just need to find them, I also know it may be very difficult at times to cross paths, unless God moves in His amazing and often surprising ways. So, please continue to pray for this need and let’s hope that through February and March, we will be able to meet a good number of possible candidates.

Then of course we also need the financial support for covering the costs of such a set of programmes to run smoothly. From the costs with personnel to the expenses of fuel, materials and consumables, all of these can become a significant responsibility and we are simply not able to do them all without your continued support and kind generosity! We count on you once again!

So, in order to raise interest and support, on every Saturday in February we decided to organise some special events, about which I am sure you have heard already! You should not want to miss them. They will be great fun to be part of. Luke has all the detail on his page this month, so please check it out and I look forward to seeing you during February, if not in Romania, at least on Zoom!

Outreach PillarThe Outreach Pillar is particularly dependent on your input. Not only in the financial and spiritual aspects, but equally with participating in our programmes over the future months and years.

After a very dry 2020, we hope and pray that mission-trip visits will be possible once again, very soon. We need you to come and see, but also to take part in our outreach programmes! Those of you who were before part of COP’s, for instance, will remember we always need “good Samaritans”, “thieves”, “trees”, “romans”, “angels”, even “donkeys” and “cats”! We also need singers, guitar players, sports, artists; basically, we need people good with outside games and with drama … and so on!

There are many, many ways to get you involved! If you are more “serious” you can have a proper message, we’ll translate and make sure children understand! You can teach them to create something nice, to learn something new! All this doesn’t even start to look at how much we can do in the Camp in Dezna! Or in the various Community events!

All in all, there is a lot of excitement around what is possible, if only we’ll be allowed to do it! We all hope the restrictions will be lifted and our plans can become reality! Do pray for all of these ways of supporting Outreach and we look forward to seeing each other again soon!

Adrian Matis

Director of Smiles Outreach

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