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Luke in Romania

From Luke, UK Development Ambassador, January 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a good and relaxing Christmas and New Year’s! I also hope you are ready to join us for an exceptionally positive and productive year at Smiles. The Pillars that Kevin has presented in detail on the website and in his video are the start of a new era and the work that will begin, and developed in Romania will be focused on reaching people for the Lord even more than before.

But we need you! Mission trips, fundraising and prayer are all vital areas of help from you, our amazing friends and supporters, in these areas are crucial.

Outreach PillarThe Outreach Pillar will contain many new activities and ones that have been adapted from previously focused projects. We thoroughly look forward to getting them going and seeing how God will work through them. But the more we aim to do, the more help we need from people and the more finance is needed to run these activities to their full potential.

I am not going to give you a long list of needs and numbers, but I will make one request and then give a few examples of possible opportunities. Read through the website, talk to us if you have questions and pray about how you could help with something. I’m sure there will be something you can do, and that God will put on your heart. It could be something large or small, in the UK, America or in Romania. Whatever it could be, it will be a massive help and hugely appreciated by all at Smiles!

Moreover, if you would like to spread the word of this exciting new structure and then how to find out more in your Church, I have a new video that briefly shares about the changes and helps people know more. In addition to basic information, the video is designed to be useful in recorded services or live Zoom that some Churches are running, as we can’t meet in person yet. Please consider using this new video and I would be delighted to send you the link so that you can access it via YouTube. Just contact me at my Smiles email address:

CountdownNow I would just like to say how much I am looking forward to seeing some of you in the next couple of days on the 16th and 17th for the Countdown Fundraiser! It is very close now, but there is still time to join us as a contestant or as an audience member if you would like, but please let me know today if you can!

My plan is to have finalised the knockout matches by January 14th and will have sent to each contestant so that they can follow the tournament.

But there is more, another fundraising opportunity that I would love for you to be part of! In February, the Smiles focused month for Fund-raising, we will be running a Zoom Cookery Class each Saturday, starting February 6th, that will be led by a different person each week and focused on a delicious recipe that they love and recommend.

SarmaleI won’t reveal all the content yet as that would give away all the surprises, the first one though will have a Romanian flavour as we will learn how to make the famous Sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls). This will be done expertly from the Smiles kitchen in Romania and we will be taken through the recipe step by step so that we can see how to do it in the true Romanian style!

Moreover, each week there will be guest appearance from one of the Smiles staff with a brief, but exciting, special update about an aspect of the new Pillars that have been introduced. A great chance to hear from the director leader of the Pillar about what is to come!

Now these Zoom classes will even be free to attend. We would love for you to come, your family and friends too and once you’ve heard about each Pillar there will be more options for you to donate so the work in Romania can be supported. Come along, enjoy the cookery demonstration, hear exclusive news and decide where you might like to support.

The only thing I will need from you to be part of this is your name via an email so that I can ensure you get the Zoom invite details. This is open to everyone but any friend or family member should contact me please, so that I can invite them with the Zoom ID and keep track of numbers.

Overall, we are looking forward to a full, productive and blessed year that will be the complete antithesis of 2020. More freedom of travel, less disruption and much more time spent with friends and family in the UK and Romania.

Until I see you in person or at one of these fundraising events, I pray you stay safe and God blesses you greatly!

Many thanks,

Luke Wathen
UK Development Ambassador
The Smiles Foundation


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