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From Maria, Director of Missions, January 2021

New Year, New Vision, New Structure, New Challenge!

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?!

It’s even more encouraging to know who holds 2021 in His hands!

So, with God’s help, each of us can and will move forward!

In Smiles we do the same. Taking Him with us on the new journey ahead! Some are new roads, some are older ones, some might be smooth, some might be bumpy – but we try to take each day at a time.
If you had a chance to read our new updates, you would have seen, things are changing!

Pillar - MissionsNow I’m more focused on the MISSIONS PILLAR and each of the projects working under it!

What is that involving?! Follow this link and you can find more specifics about it! The Smiles Foundation » Missions Pillar

But basically, after careful assessment and a broad view for the future, we took important projects that I felt I could oversee and contribute positively towards – then put them together under ONE NAME!

In a world that can be very confusing, upside down for sure – I pray that we will continue to make a difference! To continue being a missionary in our own country, by praying and supporting. I was very disappointed at the beginning of this year and I said to Mr Hoy, and to my colleagues, that I will move to Hungary or Poland or somewhere ….. just because I feel that here in Romania the corruption is getting bigger and bigger, and for the honest people it gets harder and harder to survive! Mr Hoy told me: “think of the missionaries that go to different countries. They don’t go because it’s easy. They live with disappointments. They are there because God has a job for them to do. It’s the same for you”. I do not know if he was afraid or not …. but I calmed down and decided to postpone my departure !

On a more serious note, I do believe that for God’s children, the times that we are living in, will get harder. And more than ever, we need to spread the word, and be a missionary for Him in our homes, workplace, city, country and around the world!

I am so happy that Mission Visitors are part of my responsibilities within the Missions Pillar. I’m really looking forward to having you back in Romania! Last year, without so many of you, was very sad and I don’t think we can survive another year like that. My Hoy tells me from Easter, visitors will be coming, so I trust him. Easter is always a reminder of New Life. Having Mission Visitors again will bring new life to Smiles in Romania, for sure.

Nursery with Mission Trip Visitors

Nursery with Mission Trip Visitors

I am also happy Education remains part of my responsibilities. I’m really looking forward to having the Tileagd Nursery back in full swing, as the on-line classes are getting too much for the kids these days. And for many kids in Tileagd, it never really started! When so many of them do not have a computer/tablet, or parents that can help them with the work, you are feeling that all the past achievement is going down the slope and will be so hard to recover.

My new responsibilities include the Emergency Housing Unit which I haven’t worked directly with for several years, but I know how important the facility has been to those needing safe and secure shelter. So I am looking forward to see how we can progress the important services EHU provides for the vulnerable and destitute in our area. Likewise, those needing support with Medical needs. Sadly, there are still too many people in these categories who are in contact with us, every day, asking for help.

Corina, Nina & Maria preparing gifts

Corina, Nina & Maria preparing Christmas Gifts

Although I’ve a year to wait, I’m looking forward to having the SOS program back in 2021. This year was really small and nowhere near as much fun without the Mission Team, but I’m thankful that we were able to do as much as we did, which I know what a result of so many supporting our Feeding & Gift program last month. However, the new broader aspect of ‘Sharing Joy’ under the Missions Pillar means I’ll be looking at what we can do around the great celebrations at Easter!

All these possibilities will require a great deal of support from you but after all that you helped us with last year, for which I thank God, I truly believe ‘EVERYTHING’ is possible!

So, Thank You and be blessed as we get on the new adventures together and see what God has in plan for us during 2021!
In His service

Maria Cimpoca-Hava

Director of Operations and the Missions Pillar


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