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From Maria, Director of Missions, July 2021


Is not one of my favourite seasons. The hot days are way too much for me! And today when I write this report, outside is 39C (102F) degree. I’m thankful for the AC, even if ‘’we are not the best of friends” due to allergies it creates me.

BUT in days like this, I’m wondering how it is in hell!? Strange yes. But I am. If here is soooo hot and we barely stay outside, how is it there for the people that spend eternity!? My prayer is that NONE of my family members or friends will experience it. I’m thankful that we are still in the GRACE era and because our God Lives, we can face tomorrow, and we can get better day by day!!!

That’s how I changed the way I do work with people these days! Yes, it’s very important everything we do, but if their souls are not in the right place, all our work is in vain.

I’m happy that with the work we do in the Tileagd Nursery, we start in their early years, when it’s the best time to put some foundations of life in the children! I can’t believe that another academic year has about closed! It was much better than the 2020 one, even if there were restrictions (we could not do the end of year celebration that we normally do with all the kids and family together). They had the party in their classes and they really enjoyed. Soooo, THANK YOU very much for helping us during this year too.

Now the summer holiday starts. It’s a great time for us to see what we can do better for the kids when they start again in September. We would like to renovate the playground outside and make it nicer for them. Few years back when we had a mission team they really helped us with replacing several items and it made a huge difference. But we still have the wood one that is nearly 13 years old and needs replacing. Year by year we repair it but now its time is up. If you would like to help us with that, just let me know or make a gift to Smiles designated ‘Nursery Playground’. Every little helps!!!

On the After-School side there was progress too. Not perfect but progress. A lot of space for growing. To be honest, I find harder and harder to work with the teenagers these days! The world we live is very weird and the pressure and the standards that society imposes, is affecting our kids too.

Yes, at a different level, but I can see it more and more in the work we do. I’m happy that we still have kids that are going to school, are understanding the importance of education. If not enough in order to follow on to high school and then university, but they do it for the driving license!!! So I guess it’s better than nothing or much better than riding the horse and cart!

So, thank you for being a part of our journey by offering education to these kids for the last 18 years!!! If you don’t see the reward here on earth, I’m sure that in heaven at the gate you will see your hard-earned money, prayers and time that you gave them. Now we go on holiday for a couple of months and during July and August we will have more Holiday Bible Club (VBS) meetings with them all. So pray for a good time, and a time when they understand that JESUS MATTERS!
Tileagd girls at Dezna
It was great to see 14 of them in Dezna recently enjoying a Camp together. The combination of Camp enables teaching to be done in a way they love and understand. Thank you for supporting kids to enjoy Dezna Outreach Centre.

IN Mierlau, I’m done with all the work! Praise God!! Now I’m looking forward to put in place a team and to start bringing people in once again. PRAY to find the right people. It’s not easy to find people that are doing the job first of all because God calls them, rather than because of the salary and perks. I pray I will be back next month with more good news on this project.
EHU finished room
On the Mission Trip side we still do not have people visiting, BUT I live in hope that soon the gates will be open! Until then, we do what we can through the virtual mission trips. We held three Virtual Mission Trips to ROMANIA and it was great. I’m happy I saw friends on line and we shared the stories of what we do here in Romania. I’m sure that we will continue them in the future BUT your presence here is the best charge for our batteries, that need recharging for sure!

So my dear friends, even though I do not like summer that much, summer brings holiday season too. Sooo I took the opportunity this past month to come to my home village of Susca and spend 2 weeks here with my family. The kids love it and for them is the perfect time. Thank you for your prayers for Mihai. His hand is doing much better sooo more energy to play.

But there is something that even for me is a shocking feeling each time I visit home. Guess what!?!?!?  Well, my father’s work!

I’m sure that many of you know him. He did and he still visits us regularly in Oradea, at Smiles. He worked at a time for Smiles like 10 days each month but he wanted to retire! That’s what we all believed, but NOT HIM. In the last 4 years he did miracles here. He opened an elderly centre where he takes care of 28 elderly people. Now he opens a second one. EVERYTHING that he does here is a small ‘SMILES FOUNDATION’ project. I’m sure that if you came to visit him, you will feel like being at home in Cihei!!

Pastor Ilie's work
Soooo – pray for his ministry too and who knows, one day when you come on a mission trip to Romania we will extend it with few days to see this beautiful side of the country and the Mini Smiles Foundation in Susca.

What really made my heart melt was this photo. 2 years ago when we disposed of a van my brother Uta said that he would like to buy it. So he did. He used it for his needs but in December 2020 he decided to donate the van to the local Baptist church in Radimna in order for them to have a way of bringing the elderly people of the church to the meetings!
Donated bus
I was very proud of his gesture and happy that because what he saw that we do in Bihor he learned and applied it here. He was a good student, not an easy one to have in Smiles for nearly 10 years 🙂 but a good one! And a GODLY ONE!

THANK YOU for being indirectly part of the Gods work in this side of the country! Be blessed!!

I leave you now but not before encouraging you to enjoy your summer time!!! Because with God every day is perfect no matter how hot it is!!

With love in His service


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