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Virtual Mission Trip April 2021

From Maria, Director of Missions Pillar

The Waiting Room ….

For me this is one of the most stressful places to be! I do not like them that much. And the last few weeks, I’ve been there a few times due to the events that were going on around me! BUT there is always HOPE while you are ‘waiting’ there! How? Often people during this time think/ hope of “the best outcome”.

Last week for example I was with one of our beneficiaries, a lady from Tileagd, in the ‘waiting room’ for an MRI scan (an ovarian tumour suspected). While talking to her, I realized she is really positive thinking, and was encouraging me (instead of me encouraging her)!
Tileagd Group at Dezna
But how do I manage in my projects ‘waiting room’? Let me tell you…
This past month 13 girls from my after-school program in Tileagd had the opportunity to go to Dezna for the weekend. I’m always nervous when I take my gypsy kids out. This time was not any different. Once we got there and started a little bit the structured programme, I was impressed to see them responding. Well, imagine – some of them come from very very poor family backgrounds where even today, they do not have a bathroom in the house let alone a toilet. It is hard for me to believe it but being there day after day, I know it to be true.

The gaps between our kids are bigger and bigger these days. At one end, I have kids that have parents who went through a bit of education provided by Smiles since 2003 , now they have a job, or they are out of the country , coming back building big houses with bathrooms in, living in a very good conditions (some better than Romanians have). Often the kids are clean, nicely dressed and you can’t say there is a difference between them and the middle-class Romanian kids. At the other end, I have the families that did not go to school at all, still go in the city begging, do not have a bathroom in the house, and still living like 20 years ago! BUT the kids DO try to keep clean (and because they go to school or attend our Bible-Club for the village) they do try to be respectful and be different.
Dezna walk
Being in the waiting room of this project for nearly 20 years, I wish I could see faster the results. BUT I’m happy that I have the opportunity to see progress while I’m on this earth.

THANK YOU very much for the ongoing support and for not giving up. It is difficult when change takes some long and great patience is needed. But most of all what is needed, is belief God is doing a Work within the Community and each person, whether child or adult and sometimes, things happen, that reassure me ‘things are improving’.
Emergency Housing Updates
In Mierlau I’m nearly done with all the changes that we started to do. Luke and Ioan did an amazing job on the facility. I can’t wait to now work on the new furniture and then open it for day-to-day activity for people who need help. Need Peace and a time to reflect and rebuild. A time to find God in their desperation. Please pray for the staff we will need to find for the EHU project, that we hope to see re-started soon. People with huge hearts and sensitive ministry gifts in encouragement and counselling. God knows them, so pray we find them in the coming months.

Also, this past month we completed our 3rd VIRTUAL MISSION TRIP! And we all spent a while in the ‘waiting room’. It was great to see familiar faces and I’m looking forward sooooo much to see you all face to face in Romania. I’m sure we are getting closer to the day when that will be possible. Until then, thank you for being with us on the Virtual Mission Trips these past 3 months!

So, my dear friend, being in the ‘waiting room’ is not always easy but once a friend told me that from the painful things come the beautiful things.
We celebrated in Romania Easter this past month and God did the same for us! Sent His Son to die on a cross so we could be SAVED!!!

I’m sure it was not an easy decision for Him, but because HE loves us so much He did it. Now, as Christians, we are in the waiting room, waiting for HIM to return and take us to spend eternity together.
And something of a PS ….
A small addition to my report as I just came back from another experience of being in the waiting room!

MihaiMihai, my little one, fell last night and cracked his wrist, and I’ve been at the emergency room getting him seen to. I’m very happy that it wasn’t broken, but for the next 10 days he is in a plaster cast with it, so please say a prayer for him, and for us!!

Thank you for always being there for all of us!

God bless you and for those of you that are going through a ‘waiting room experience’ – I pray for PEACE, COMFORT and GOD’s BLESSING!
In His service

Director of Missions Pillar

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