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Internship Opportunity with The Smiles Foundation

An Internship can have a huge influence on those who commit to serve through the Smiles Foundation. It is also of great help to the organisation both in the office and on the field in Romania.

Those applying should be:

  • Wanting to grow in their relationship with God.
  • Enthusiastic about serving God and focusing on the needs of others.
  • Keen to learn and develop their skills and abilities.
  • Organised, motivated and hard working.
  • Committed to the core values of the Smiles Foundation, where we actively encourage young people to make wise lifestyle choices and promote the Biblical view to daily life.

What will I do?
The Smiles Foundation’s work is focused on helping the impoverished people of Romania. Our HQ is in Cihei, a suburb of the border city of Oradea. From Cihei our projects are organised, you and our Mission Teams are based and your day will begin and end in Cihei. Our projects include:

  • Residential Care Facilities
  • School, Nursery & After-School programmes
  • Field Work amongst Families, the Homeless, Children’s and Community Outreach
  • Hands-On Work could include, construction support, decoration, gardening amongst other.

You would be involved in any and all our projects along with support at our Mission Centre during mission trips with serving, cleaning and generally available to assist visiting guests. If your internship includes time at the English HQ in Leeds, you will learn by involvement how the organisation operates, assisting with administration and promotional needs at the office.

How much does it Cost?
Interns are asked to contribute towards the time of investment in their lives, this can either be paid or fund-raised with support from church or family. Subject to the length of the internship, the cost varies but include full accommodation, food and travel, all organised by Smiles. Those travelling from America will have an additional supplement cost towards air-travel.

Internship costs are as follows:
1 month – £299 ($399) a week (Only available between April and August)
2 months – £199 ($259) a week (Only available between April and September)
3-5 months – £179 ($235) a week (Only available between April and October)
6 months – £159 ($209) a week (Only available between April and December)

Internships beyond 6 months are subject to individual assessment.
Any internship beyond 3 months will include a period of time based at the English HQ office in Leeds. Normally a minimum of 2 weeks, maximum of 4 weeks in Leeds before and/or after the time in Romania.

How do I apply?
Forward the following information to with Subject: Internship

  • Name and Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Dates Interested – Start and Finish
  • Church Attending
  • How did you hear about The Smiles Foundation
  • Any other information you think appropriate to include.