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Maria in Tileagd

STOP!…. AND MAKE TIME – Maria, December 2019

On reflection, I think TIME is the biggest enemy for people these days!!! Yes, there are many other things, but hearing so much the words “I’m running out of time” make people feel stressed, depressed and far less happy.

People today are busier than ever and too busy to stop and listen to their ‘neighbour’s needs’. Some of us do not even realise that we have a neighbour or get to know them!! Our computer, phones, Facebook and so many other media applications stole our life completely and became ‘our world’!……and sadly for that, WE MAKE TIME!

I was far from perfect on this subject in 2019. Always at the last minute I did things! There were times when I needed to stop and listen to my ‘neighbour’ and I did not! There were times when I thought that there will be ‘someone else’ that can do that particular job or take the place of comforting others, so I’m not needed! I was happy and pleased for a moment … then I regretted it, that I was not there for that person, at that moment of need.

November, was a quiet month for me…….professionally!! Personally, very busy and stressed out as I discover life with two kids is not all ‘milk and honey’. Also with the changing time, the light outside is less and less and I had to think of different options for Stefan! I had to make time just for us! And so, what do I know good to do?

Well shopping – any kind of it! :). So off we went to wander around shops, playground areas, cinema and a few other ‘cool places’. BUT there was something that this year shocked me more than ever before. I was surprised to see soooooooo many Christmas decorations all over the place all talking about Santa Clause.

Christmas songs about gifts and food everywhere. Even more than that, discussion that ‘Christmas holiday should be considered Winter holiday’! and not to write Christmas anymore but Xmas left me with no words.

Why?! Because all of this is now happening in ROMANIA!!! I saw it in other parts of the world in recent years, but I never thought that we would ‘adopt and copy’ it so fast … but we did! 🙁

Nativity at Tileagd Nursery

Tileagd Nursery Nativity

So what about the CHILD that was born in Bethlehem years ago in order for YOU and ME to have life? Where is HE now? Where is He in all this “busyness”? Well, HE IS EVERYWHERE! And please my friends, don’t allow this Christmas to be taken away by the sweet music and sparkling decorations! Keep your eyes on the stable! Make your Christmas to be different!!

There are many people and children in Romania and around the World that won’t have all the ‘celebration lights’ in their homes! They won’t have the food, cakes and the gifts that we all do! To be honest, I’m not looking forward to the Christmas Day. Of course, I look forward to spending time with my family and friends but I do not like all the questions such as; “What did you get as a gift this Christmas?” What new clothes do you have? Where do you plan to spend New Year’s Eve …and so on.

What is really important?

“The first Christmas changed the world”, this Christmas you can change the world for some one! I encourage you to make at least one person happy! Maybe one of your old friends that you’ve not been in touch with for a long time, or a member of your family. Send an encouragement card, e- mail or a small gift that tells them and shows them the great news, and the real meaning of Christmas.

Maybe you could even touch the life of a child from Romania, a family in Romania living in poverty, an elderly person that is feeling lonely. If you really don’t have any idea of how to do it, I can give you some!

Sponsor an S.O.S (Sack of Smiles) full of great things for a child who without it, will probably have nothing this Christmas. Although it has been a tough year for many of us, I’m sure, any amount you can donate to this project will help.

Or maybe you could sponsor a DOLL for a girl that was dreaming of one for the whole year….Maybe she never had a chance to hold one, just to see it on TV or in a picture. Yes there are still kids here in Romania who never held their own toy!  Or maybe you could Sponsor a TOY CAR for a boy that looks for adventure and wants to see how it is to have one.

Or perhaps a CHRISTMAS CAKE, even a Food Basket, for a poor family, for a homeless family that do not have the facilities to prepare one. In this way they can enjoy having something different and very special. Or a “goodie bag” for an elderly person in our 3 centres.

Every year we try to do something special so you can be a part of it. Then your Christmas will be different for sure. As you enjoy the blessings of family this Christmas, with good food, and a warm home – you can consider you shared your blessings with those less fortunate in the world, and the Smiles Foundation will ensure your support reaches those who need it before Christmas.

You can call the office (UK: 0113-276-5060 USA: 423-239-9525) or go on-line now. Here is the link: Christmas Corner

I pray you will have a great Christmas and a great time with your family and friends but don’t forget the baby Jesus that came to this earth for us, for you and me and let’s celebrate His birth not the bright lights of what Christmas has become today for so many!

I appreciate everything that you did for us during 2019! EVERY LITTLE HELPED!!!!! Without you, we could not be able to make the difference we make here in ROMANIA!

May God bless you and THANK YOU for being A BLESSING.

With love and respect in His service

Maria Hava
Director of Operations – Romania

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