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A life story never ends …. from Maria’s Desk

I once read a quote that said: “things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy”. I thought that was really nice?!? So, this is my story, my report and update this month.

I’m sure that you all remember Barbara Morrison. Well, I CAN’T BELIEVE that it is one year since she is looking at us from heaven! I miss her, miss the chats we had, miss the advice, miss the laughs, miss the encouragement I got from her, but more than anything I miss the prayer time we had. I always knew when I was “in need” I could call upon her and she will be there for me.

Barbara and Sam
Barbara & Sam Morrison

What did Barbara leave behind? A lot of things! A great legacy!!

This past month I’ve been involved a lot in the Dezna project. It had to be done and ready for the first group that arrives on July 1st. Our Camp Leader Ioana is already there making sure the final things are put in place for the kids!

The story for me with Dezna started nearly 3 years ago when I heard of it for the first time and never really wanted to get involved with finalising this project. I always said, “we have enough and do not need another project”. Barbara knew my feelings and she always told me “if it is from God it will happen, even against our will!”.

So, in May 2018 the final discussions were taking place and the plan was to start work there with our summer mission trips!

Barbara was in Romania in April and she told me “I know your feelings, but just imagine how many kids can be influenced by God through the camps we will run there”. I promised her that I won’t do anything ‘bad’ and will stay out of the picture as much as possible and when she will be back, we will go together to see it! So, Adi assisted Mr Hoy to do the job in the beginning, all the discussions for it, the plans and strategies.

I went for the first time with the management team in March/April as I had to sign a few papers being the Smiles Director in Romania. The second time I went was when we had the first mission team in June 2018. We started clearing the place. That was the day when I received the message that Barbara had been taken ill and was in the hospital.

I told you before that each time I was in Dezna, I got news regarding Barbara’s situation. It was really weird! I knew she was with me in spirit even if not physically there.

The day she went to be with Jesus, I was in Dezna and there is where I first got the news! I can’t explain the feelings I had …… but I was not happy and could not understand why God had decided that!! To take her home before she could see a project that she had prayed for, had a vision for and believed in passionately.

To cut a long story short, at Barbara’s funeral, I made a personal commitment that even if I was not ‘personally committed’ to this project, I would do it for her, in her memory and for the things that she believed in!
Once I was back in Romania, even in the hard times concerning Dezna, and there were many because it was a construction site, I said to myself “do it in her memory”!

When Sam and Robin came in October last year, they both encouraged me a lot! So today, I can say with all my heart, that I’m really happy and thankful to God that He has His Hands over me and has an angel there that protects me and has enabled me to get this project to an end.

Stefan at Dezna

Being pregnant and doing the 4-hour round-trip journey at least once a week to see if everything was done to plan, has not been easy these past months. Now, being 8 months pregnant, I decided to stay there 2 to 3 days to see the project finished. I’ve done my part in the picture and I pray now for each one of the kids and teenagers that come there to be touched by God is a miraculous way!!!

I’m sure God has a good person there in heaven looking at everything that is going on in Dezna!

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to each person that gave money to see this project functioning. Money from Barbara’s funeral, money from so many fundraising events, money from individuals and churches ALL made this possible.

We still have a shortfall of funds because there were things that we discovered as we went along. So, if you want to help us balance the expenses, please follow this link:

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you in September at the official opening and the dedication of the Prayer Garden that we have in Barbara’s memory, but until than PLEASE PRAY for the camps. Pray for Ioana and Adi as the ones that are the main leaders and want to see as many kids as possible making commitments to God.


Finished rooms at Dezna

And yes, the legacy that people leave behind is even more wow when is not about them but is about others. Alongside the Dezna work I did, I had all the other projects running.

A big one that also had a great person committed to it is the Educational work. Stephen Woodward left a legacy of a lot of kids being educated. Not only in England but also here in Romania. So, this past month, another generation of kids graduated the Tileagd Nursery of Tileagd Community School!

We are very proud of them and even if we are not as many as we were, kids and staff, but for the 110 kids that we have now in school, it is a life changing experience. THANK YOU all for not giving up with sponsoring this project and I’m sure that Stephen, together with Barbara, are celebrating a lot over all that is achieved. 🙂

Tileagd school
Tileagd School

So my dear friends who read my report each month…..and not only, I’m not telling you to “change your Will” but I’m asking you that in EVERYTHING YOU DO, make sure you leave a great legacy behind! For your dear ones and for others yes ….. but more importantly for God, because HE IS THE ONE that will say to us in the end “WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT” Come in and let’s spend eternity together!!

And there will be NOTHING better for us than to hear that.

In His service
Maria Hava:

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