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When God created us …

from Maria, September 2019

On many occasions I was wondering ‘how did He really feel?’! What was in His heart when He created man and woman? What was in His heart when we disappointed Him?

Even after all the disappointments He has with us, He chose to die so that we might have eternal life!! What an AMAZING LOVE HE has for us all!!
As I was ready to give birth to our second child, these questions came many times into my mind.

In my last report I told you that I’m doing many things now by WhatsApp… well, taking care of babies could not be done through that 🙂 ….so I needed to find other options!

August was a very emotional month for me. With ups and downs, ALL the things together made it a very special month in the end!!

My second pregnancy was a bit harder than the first one. So, from week 35 I took it a bit easier!  If I’m absolutely honest with you, I had many dreams, wishes for the second child. But in my heart of hearts, I knew that God is the One that has the final decision.

So, of many issues that were on my list, one of them was to give birth to our second kid on the same day as my birthday! It was a very hard wish to happen because of the complications I had, BUT God listened to my ‘hidden prayer’ and the desire of my heart …. and on August 13th baby Hava # 2 came!!

A very sweet baby boy, called MIHAI ILIE HAVA. He was born on August 13th at 10.30am.

Ever since that day, my life has become extra busy…….not that it was very quiet until then! 🙂

So, taking care of two kids is harder than I imagined! For that I need extra prayers from my friends :). I know we are blessed to have Stefan and Mihai in our lives and I pray that God will give us wisdom to raise them for His kingdom!

So, if you wonder about my time away from work?! Yes, officially I’m ‘off’ :), for 2 years, this is the time that a new mum can take when she has a baby! Unofficial I’m ‘on’ 🙂 . This past week we had meetings about the Dezna official opening, a meeting that I could not miss! I also had interviews for new Tileagd Nursery teachers, and a few other things that I can sort them by being on the phone!!!

I have the best babysitter in the world, my husband Cornel, and I’m thankful to God that I can do all the things I need to do without affecting my family! I also have the support of Mr Hoy and my Smiles colleagues that are all around me and living near us in Cihei, so a big family to call upon! And isn’t it nice to know that IN CHRIST we are all a family!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all my brothers and sisters from the UK and America who visited us this summer. I felt sooooo encouraged and recharged! I do not have words to say THANK YOU to God for each one of you!  And I would like to say thank you to all the people back in the UK and America who pray for me, for us as a family and an organisation all the time! May God bless you!!

So, now baby Mihai is crying, I guess he needs food or pamper changed :), so I will close my short report this month and look forward to the next one, when I will have loooooooots to talk about!!

New academic year starting in the Educational programs we have in Tileagd, Gepiu and Rapa, official opening in Dezna, new staff!!! Looooots of great things!!!!

So – did I make you curious? Great!

With God’s help and in His time, I be in touch with you next month.

Lots of love and in His service

Maria Cimpoca-Hava
Director of Operations

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