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Maria’s News, April 2020

My dear friends,

There is a lot to say these days about so many things and yet I just want to pause a moment to say something very important, THANK YOU to ALL the people involved with Smiles and Sminro whether in Romania, the United Kingdom or America.

Most of the time we tend to take everything for granted …. almost like we DESERVE it. But we do not. We deserve nothing – but everything we receive is by GRACE!

I want to say a huge thank you to ALL the Smiles beneficiaries, for their understanding in the situation we try to get through these days.

WE ARE HERE for ALL the emergencies! Just call us. While I write these thoughts, my colleagues Alexandra, Alina and Samuel are out – delivering desperate supplies of some basic needs such as food to homeless people, families who can’t afford to ‘stock up the cupboards’ and many elderly living alone in their homes. As we make the deliveries, we share the important message that these folks are not forgotten. Not by Smiles and more importantly, not by God.

THANK YOU to ALL Smiles and Sminro staff. It’s not easy, l know, but God called us for moments like these. Stay strong, our rewards are in HEAVEN. Let’s continue to be responsible in the area where God put us to serve and with Him, we will get through this too. Afterwards, people will know ‘we were there’ when they needed us. In the bad times, not just the good!

THANK YOU to ALL our sponsors and supporters. I know you are also under immense pressure. Many concerned about jobs and salaries. Many of your fundraising events cancelled – BUT DO NOT WORRY, GOD IS IN CONTROL. WE need to TRUST HIM 100% …. Nothing less.

Here in Romania we are all looking forward to seeing you soon. Until then, STAY SAFE and KEEP PRAYING.

THANK YOU to the FRONT-LINE leadership of Smiles and Sminro. I know our sleep is less and the stress level high, but God did not promise us an ‘easy ride’ while serving Him in this world. But HE gave us a great encouragement in His Word.

We must have faith! Read again Romans 8:28!!!
Romans 8
And THANK YOU to the one who might read this message and yet not have anything to do with Smiles. You may not even know who we are but found us while ‘surfing the web’.

I want to tell you, that if you do not know God as your personal friend, right now – as the world is shutting so many doors – HIS DOOR IS STILL OPEN!! Come to HIM. I guarantee there are no viruses in HEAVEN!

Be blessed. Stay safe in God’s Hands and in your house! 😉

Take the extra time to read, write a letter, call friends, and more important – pray for each other.

With love and thanks

Maria Hava
Director of Operations – Romania
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PS. I leave you this song that for me is an encouragement each time I listen.

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