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Prayer and Praise – February 2020

Please pray for us because when you pray, God hears more than what you say, answers more than we ask and gives more than we imagine, in His own time and in His own way.

Praise God for …

1. The Good News shared through all the activities of Smiles work in Romania.
2. The wonderful start to 2020 with so many encouraging and supportive Gifts and Comments.
3. New Key Staff settling in so well with the Field Project and at ECO and JFL.
4. New Families being helped through the Field Project, for us being able to make a life-changing difference as the Hands & Feet of Christ.
5. The tremendous work undertaken in Smiles Residential Facilities in Oradea, Salonta and Tileagd and for the wonderful staff serving 125 residents 24/7.
6. Those already booked for Mission Trips in 2020 and the new opportunities we have for more to come and serve through regular trips and special focus weeks – Construction / Students / Families / Gardening / Ladies.
7. The Staff and the work done in Arpasel at our Farm and Glasshouse that endeavours to support the work of Smiles through our self-sustainability programme.
8. The entire Smiles Staff, all Romanian Nationals including the Enterprise Initiative (Sminro) who all serve faithfully to help share the Love of God and enable the poor and disadvantaged to have a better life. We Praise God for the work directed by the Romanian Management Team, Maria, Georgi, Adi and Simona who serve daily with Kevin.
9. Volunteers, Ambassadors and Key People who give so generously of their time and resources, sharing the opportunities and needs for people to get involved with Smiles.
10. The work of The Smiles Foundation in transforming lives in the Name of Christ.

Please pray for …

1. Continued opportunities to share the Good News of the Gospel through our Projects and for more people to make confessions of faith.
2. Fund-Raising efforts in February to help continue the great start for 2020.
3. Significant plans now being formulated for Smiles Work with discussions on the Ministry development of Smiles Field Project, Residential Facilities, Education and Outreach Work for the decade ahead.
4. The exciting opportunities this year for Mission Trips with many people confirmed for visits starting February right through the year until Christmas 2020.
5. Kevin’s Trip to America next month where he will share the work of Smiles and endeavour to get others to share the vision for God’s Work in Romania.
6. The Monthly Budget of Smiles. In Faith we have always moved forward trusting God to provide all our needs – please consider your support month by month to ensure the work continues to grow.
7. The continuing response and follow up to Sponsorship, Fund-raising and Development. Especially for Luke as when not in Romania, he travels the UK sharing the work of Smiles, encouraging our volunteers and supporters to both know more and to be more involved.
8. The UK Head Office – for all the work Dawn undertakes through-out the year.
9. The Romanian Executive (Maria, Georgi, Adi & Simona) responsible with Kevin for Operational Management in Romania, remembering Maria and Georgi as they both juggle the great responsibilities of a growing family. Also, the Smiles Trustees responsible for vision, direction and governance.
10. That God will reveal Himself to the people we serve in His Name every day in Romania – that through the projects you support, people may come to know the One, True, Living God.

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