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Prayer and Praise March 2018

Please pray for us because when you pray, God hears more than what you say, answers more than we ask and gives more than we imagine in His own time and in His own way.

Praise God for …

1. Good News shared through the various Reports of the work in Romania.
2. Response to the 2018 Smiles Day Fund-raising.
3. Great success for families in our Projects by helping them to have New Homes of their own.
4. 114 residents cared for in Smiles Care Homes and more to come, we pray.
5. Fantastic achievements at the Glasshouse and the impact it is having on Smiles Self-Sustainability.
6. The Support Smiles receives month by month that enables the work to continue.
7. Volunteers who give so generously of their time and resources, Fund-raising all the time.
8. The entire Smiles Staff, all Romanian Nationals including the Enterprise Initiative (Sminro) who all serve faithfully to help share the Love of God and enable the poor and disadvantaged to have a better life. We are thankful for the work being directed by the Romanian Management Team, Maria, Georgi and Adi who serve daily with Kevin.
9. The wonderful work of all our Volunteers, Ambassadors and Key People sharing the opportunities and needs for people to get involved with Smiles.
10. The work of The Smiles Foundation in transforming lives in the Name of Christ.

Please pray for …

1. Continued success in sharing the Good News of the Gospel through our Projects and for more people to make confessions of faith.
2. The Staff now being sought for the 2018 restructuring of several projects.
3. The Operational Procedure for the new Tileagd Assisted Living facility. New staff and increased budget to support the requests for residents. Construction Costs to July 2017 were £60,941/$79,223 – please support with a special gift towards this work. £35,232 ($45,801) has been received to date.
4. Luke Wathen in his full-time role for Smiles as a Development Ambassador. For his schedule of presentations and fund-raising events in the UK during January – March 2018. Luke returns to Romania in April.
5. The ongoing work in Rapa. Funds needed to build the Final House. The discipleship and support work with Pastor Vasile and Alina, the Community Worker, who is Teaching the Literacy Classes.
6. JFL Disability Centre operating costs to be covered by donations, fund-raising and sponsorship. Also the capital debt to be reduced, currently outstanding is £31,525 ($40,982)
7. The plans being made and discussed for 2018. That more people will take the step of faith to ‘GO’ and then plan to ‘COME’ for a Hands On Mission Experience!
8. The continuing response and follow up to Sponsorship, Fund-raising and Development. For Barbara and Luke’s work with volunteers and supporters and the follow up of all those interested to know more and to be more involved.
9. The UK Head Office – for all the work Dawn undertakes through-out the year.
10. That God will reveal Himself to the 1,500 + people we serve in His Name every day in Romania – that through the projects you support, people may come to know the One, True, Living God.

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