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Prayer & Praise

Prayer & Praise, April 2021

Next Smiles Prayer Gathering:
Monday, 26th April, 2021

Time of meeting: 7pm GMT / 9pm Romania / 3pm EST
2pm CST / 1pm MST / 12noon PST
If you would like to join our Monthly Smiles Prayer Meeting via Zoom, please email: for details.

Praise God for…

  1. The Good News shared through all the activities of Smiles work in Romania.
  2. Calling, Vision and Belief as the Smiles Strategic Review is enabling MORE Ministry opportunities now and into the future.
  3. Answer to prayer for provision of a new Team to support the Outreach Pillar and the projects represented by it.
  4. The POWER experienced through our monthly Prayer Gathering Zoom events. Next one scheduled for April 26th.
  5. The work being done, and the people supported through restarted Smiles Projects – Emergency Housing, After-School, Dezna Camps and JFL Disability Club.
  6. Positive news on progress with Vaccinations that provides hope for Hand’s-On Mission Teams starting in June 2021. Meanwhile – Praises for the great success of the March Virtual Trip and the wonderful opportunity to share in a Virtual Mission Trip in April and May.
  7. His amazing provision and the faithfulness of His people to enable the ministry to develop.
  8. His Hand being on all Smiles staff and beneficiaries, keeping them safe as they face the challenges of the day.
  9. Supporters, Volunteers, Ambassadors and Key People who give so generously of their time and resources, sharing the opportunities and needs for people to get involved with Smiles.
  10. The work of The Smiles Foundation in transforming lives in the Name of Christ.

Please pray for …

  1. Continued opportunities to share the Good News of the Gospel through our Projects which people need to always hear.
  2. The New Staff joining the Outreach Team based at Cihei. God has called and the right people have responded. Pray they learn quickly and fit well into this great team committed to Outreach.
  3. The demands and workload of all Smiles staff, but particularly The Romanian Executive (Maria, Adi & Simona) responsible with Kevin for Operational Management in Romania.
  4. Continued Sign-ups and Preparations for the Virtual Mission Trips planned for April and May.
  5. God to help and guide all Smiles Staff in projects that are now beginning after months of lockdown and less activity.
  6. Children back in School and Nursery after such a long break, to be enthusiastic, encouraged and educated as they adjust to another new ‘norm’. After-School projects in Tileagd, Gepiu and Rapa and plans for Dezna Camps this summer.
  7. Restrictions to be safely lifted as soon as possible to allow Mission Trips to begin this summer.
  8. The continuing response and follow up to Sponsorship, Fund-Raising and Development. Especially for Luke, Annette, Jean, Adrian and Rob as they all encourage our volunteers and supporters to both know more and to be more involved.
  9. The UK Head Office – for all the work Dawn undertakes through-out the year. Also, the Smiles Trustees in America, UK and Romania responsible for vision, direction and governance.
  10. That God will reveal Himself to the people we serve in His Name every day in Romania – that through the projects you support, people may come to know the One, True, Living God.
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