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Children’s Outreach

Childrens outreach
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The children’s outreach is currently co-ordinated by Adi Matis, our Assistant Director of Smiles. He is directly responsible for organising what we call COP’s – Children’s Outreach Programme. Otherwise known in the United Kingdom as Holiday Bible Club and in America as Vacation Bible School. To avoid confusion between our British and American guests, we came up with COP’s and these programmes are assisted by visiting mission teams.smiles400-childrens-outreach-games

Smiles Children’s Outreach Work started way back in the summer of 2003, and since then we have shared the Gospel to hundreds of children all over the county.smiles400-childrens-outreach

Our aim through COP’s is to teach the gospel very simply to children in villages where there is less appropriate programmes to present the gospel to children. We use puppets, drama, games, memory verses and competitions to share the message of Christ. We are always faced with the challenge of keeping the children’s attention, explaining why the bible is relevant to the children’s lives, in challenging them, and never “watering down” the message of the gospel.
COP’s is an effective way to present the gospel during a short visit to a village; but after the programme is finished, it means leaving the children without discipleship. We recognise the need for continued work with the children and where possible we seek to return to areas where COP’s has ‘opened the door’ to continue sharing the truth through a variety of activities.

As you would imagine, covering travel costs, supplies and equipment is a constant pressure on limited financial resources. Smiles’ operates a strict ‘designated giving programme’ – so if you support the Children’s Outreach Programme, that is exactly where your money will go.

With your help, Smiles can make a huge impact in the lives of these children and the communities they live in. Thank you for your support.

The Core Operating Costs for Children’s Outreach average £250 / $325 per month
Additional Costs to hold COP’s (including expenses) £135 / $175 each programme


Donate via paypal to children’s outreach £

Donate via PayPal to children’s outreach $