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Family Care and Housing

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Family Care is the Cornerstone Project of the Foundation’s work in Romania. It was the first project with a commitment to visit and support the family each month.

The project is underpinned by Sponsors for the Families who are supported and such sponsorship gives real hope and security to those we assist. The project is now managed by Nelu Cioara who has been with Smiles since 2009.

The Smile’s Family Care Project supports many families living in very poor and difficult circumstances. Under the caring supervision of the project manager and a qualified Social Worker – families in special need have both Smiles and a Sponsor as their Special Friends.

The core support for most families is food. Each month, the family receives a visit by the project manager who delivers a vital box of food which can literally help the family survive month to month. At the same time, between the Project Manager and the Social Worker – they will consult with the family on the special needs and see how we can help further.

The Smile’s Team will assist with legal paperwork to ensure the family receive any state benefit due and where possible, assist with obtaining employment. Smiles will also monitor the family as to how they are responding to the assistance we provide. We do not want the family to become dependent on Smiles where it is possible to get the family back into self-sufficiency. We always want to avoid becoming a ‘Hand-Out’ that people become reliant on. We remain committed to being a ‘Hand-Up’ wherever possible.

We recommend basic family sponsorship of £30/$40 per month as part of the Smiles 200 Hope Club. Any amount can be given towards the Family Care Project and all will be used to support those families in need.

To provide the extensive professional care with both a Project Manager and Social Worker plus additional help for the Family with Medicine or other assistance as assessed best by the Smiles team, we need at least 2 sponsors per family, or £60/$80 per family, per month.


Through the Family Care Project, the Foundation soon discovered the desperate needs of many Romanian families, living daily life without running water, electricity or heating fuel for the harsh winters. Many are facing eviction onto the streets due to economic pressures they have no hope to overcome.

Often the authorities will take children into State Care when family life becomes so bad that the welfare and safety of the child is at risk. Seeing families in this situation inspired The Smiles Foundation to begin the Housing Project, getting houses sponsored, then renovated and turned into Homes for families to live in the peace and security of not facing eviction or loss of this basic requirement in life.

As that security and stability is restored, so the Foundation can approach the authorities for the return of children to their family and the family unit can begin to re-build their lives once more.

House Sponsoring begins at £7,500 / $9,750.  The average price being £12,000 / $15,600 to purchase.
A great Fund-Raising Challenge for any team!

House renovation costs depend on the initial price paid for the property. Average costs could be up to £6,000/$7,800.

Often mud floors and/or mud walls need replacing with concrete and then plastering. Electric wiring often needs updating and outside rendering can be in need of repair. The costs vary subject to size of the house, but on average, a further £3,500/$4,550 is budgeted for such costs.

Generally £18,000/$23,500 can purchase and adequately renovate a house, providing a wonderful home for a family to live in.

Please sponsor a Family or a Home and change their World!

Please help with supporting our Project Operating Costs which are £2,450 / $3,185 per month.

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Donate via PayPal to Family Care $